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No coverage under WC for eyeglasses. Sorry.

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Does Workers comp cover eye glasses?

Workers Compensation will only cover eye glasses if you eyes were damaged as part of your claim. They will not pay for you to get glasses just because you need a new pair.

Can eye glasses make your eye get weaker?

No, eye glasses improve you vision not impair it.

How do you get scratches off eye glasses?

scraches. off my. eye. glasses

does medicade cover my eye glasses?

No it does not cover ur eye glasses

What are eye glasses used for?

Eye glasses are meant for those who have trouble seeing.

What is the person that makes eye glasses called?

An Optician is the person who makes the eye glasses, but does not do the eye exam.

What was Marco polo major accomplishments?

To discover eye glasses To discover eye glasses

Is prescription eye glasses or transgression eye glasses better?

Don't you mean TRANSITION?

Does Zacky Vengeance wear eye glasses?

No, he does not. The only one that did wear eye glasses was The Rev.

Are there glasses you can get to straighten a lazy eye?

yes ! there is I have a lazy eye and wearing glasses help ittremendously

Can herpes be transmitted through eye glasses?

Herpes can't be transmitted through eye glasses.

How to get rid of eye glasses?

To improve your vision and get rid of the eye glasses eat a lot of carrots.

Manufacture eye glass frames?

Im going to tell you how to fix a broken frame. First, you need loctite glue, and a protractor. Get your broken glasses, and frame. Put the glue on the tip of the broken frame. Measure the frame to 90 degrees. Then glue it on. Wait for about an hour or two. Then tada! You have a good frame on your non-broken glasses! Hope this helped. :DDD

How do you say glasses in German?

Drinking glasses = Gläser Eye glasses = Brille

What does drspyglass look like in poptropica?

hes the eye glasses person hes the eye glasses person

What styles of eye glasses are available with EyeMed insurance?

According to the website, "regular" styles of eye glasses are covered up to a percentage with the EyeMed insurance program at most local eye glasses vendors. They don't sell eye glasses directly so they don't have any "available."

How do you get glasses?

You go for an eye test to an optician who will tell you if you need glasses

What part of the eye is damaged to need glasses?

Its not the eye its the Brain.

If you wear glasses can you go into combat?

You can't go into combat if you wear glasses or contacts. You need to have 20/20 vision, and glasses and contacts, if lost or fallen and broken, would just hinder you in combat. You would need to have corrective laser eye surgery if you were to go into combat.

When you look in someone else's glasses why is it so blurry?

Because it does opposite! You have awesome eye sight and you look in bad eye sight's glasses u think it look blurry. You have bad eye sight and U look with glasses it is not. It's plain simple!!! Good: glasses: bad, Bad : glasses : good

In which country first eye glasses were invented?

contact lenses were invented 13 years before the start of the 20th century. eye glasses were invented 602 years earlier than that. in which year were eye glasses invented?

What are the most common injuries in a science lab?

Some of the most common in injuries in science labs are cuts, from broken glasses, burns from chemicals and eye injuries

What to do if have bad eye vision?

get glasses

Where can you find eye glasses?


Do eye glasses have minerals in them?