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Will you be able to find an old CD in a public library that is no longer available in the stores?

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2007-05-14 04:48:05

Most likely. Search your local library's database. Hi Well, I

agree it is just possible, but just because you can't find it at

Best Buy doesn't mean it isn't lying around by the bucketful.

Search for the title online in a google search, or go to

and search for it there, or and search for it there, or go

to and search for it there, then if you still can't find

it, go back to Ebay and post that you are looking for this item and

wait until the responses come in from the record stores on Bleeker

Street in NYC that stock thousands of obscure titles. I found an

album that was recorded by my wife's high school choir in

California in 1972. I don't know how many were pressed...what would

you say, maybe 300? 500? I found a copy of it on Ebay turned up in

Kansas City Phil

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