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Yes, the house will probably have to be sold to pay off the credit card debt if there are no other assets. The alternative might be for those that live there and are to inherit to take out a mortgage and buy the house from the estate for the amount of the credit card debt and pay off the credit card bills. This would eliminate the credit card companies placing a lien on the house and allow them to get clear title.

2007-07-09 14:17:21
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If your car has your mothers and your name on the title but she is deceased how does this affect you if it is repossessed?

Goes on your credit as a repossession.

Can you be prosecuted for using a deceased family members credit card?

Yes. It's called "fraud".

In the state of Maryland who pays the credit card debt of a deceased parent?

Generally, the deceased parent's estate is responsible for the debts of the deceased. The creditors should be notified of the death. If there are any assets the estate should be probated.

Does a daughter need to pay off a deceased mothers credit card debt?

It depends on the country you are in, but in the UK, the first claim on the estate is the revenue (ie tax), then debtors - which would include the credit card debt. That should be paid out of the estate of the deceased.

Are you responsible for your deceased mothers credit card bills in Oklahoma?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for resolving the debts left behind. This is the reason that an estate is a good idea, it provides a means to settle the debts.

What if person uses deceased persons credit cards?

The use of a deceased person's credit card would constitute credit card fraud. Unlawful use of a credit card is a criminal offense.

Can a spouse continue to use a credit card of deceased husband?

No. She must get a credit card in her own name since the guarantor on the account is deceased.

Can a credit card company make me pay for my deceased mothers debt if I am receiving her pension it was rolled over to me in lieu of a spouse I live in California and im not familar with ca law?

No, I would definitely get a lawyer. You should pay the credit card co nothing.

Who is responsible for the debt on your late wife's credit cards if she passed away last week and she had a couple of credit cards in her name only and you live in Maryland?

Maryland is not a community property state, therefore the surviving spouse is not responsible for repayment of debt that was solely incurred by the deceased. The debts will become a part of the deceased's estate and will be handled according to state probate laws.

Who should you call if a credit card company listed you as deceased on your credit report?

You should call the credit card company.

Does interest accrue on credit card debt after card holder is deceased?

Interest does not accrue on credit card debt after the card holder is deceased. It can occur however, if the spouse is on the account.

Can your credit be ruined if you do not pay your deceased mothers medical bills there was no estate she owned nothing?

It should not affect your credit unless you signed as a guarantor on any of the agreements. In most cases the debts of the deceased, including funeral expenses, are the responsibility of the estate. The estate, or its beneficiary should reimburse any valid debtors before giving any of the assets away. Consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction for help.

What does a credit score of 9001 mean?

Account holder deceased

Can a surviving spouse use her deceased husbands credit card?

Only if she is also on the account. If not, then absolutely not. You can get yourself in a heap of trouble by using the credit card of a deceased person. You must notify the credit card company of the death and close that account.

Maryland statute of limitation on credit card debt?

Credit Card debt is considered an Open Line of Credit. The Statute of Limitations for collection in Maryland is 3 years. That would be from the last use or payment.

What is the sol for credit card debt in the state of Maryland?

Credit Card debt is considered an Open Line of Credit. The Statute of Limitations for collection in Maryland is 3 years. That would be from the last use or payment.

My wife has been using a credit card of her deceased fathers credit I also used the card but did not know it was on his credit can i be held responsible for credit card fraud?


Who is responsible for a deceased person credit card?

Bank's Insurance company

Is spouse always responsible for deceased debts if they are not on the credit card application?


Who is responsible for a home equity line of credit after death?

The estate of the deceased.

How can i find out if deceased father had credit cards?

Get a credit report on him. Try or and a list of his credit cards should pop up.

Who is responsible for a deceased person credit card debt in North Carolina?

The estate is responsible for the decedent's credit card debt.

In Oklahoma is a wife responsible for deceased spouse credit card bills?


What if a appointment of executor is using deceased credit cards?

The credit cards are no longer valid on the death of the individual. Using them would be fraudulent.

Is the spouse of a deceased credit card holder responsible for his debt if the spouse was not on the card in Indiana?