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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents investigate marriage fraud and prosecute U.S. citizens and foreign nationals for criminal violations. Severe penalties for marriage fraud include sentences of up to 5 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

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Q: Will you be in trouble if you marry someone so that he gets his green card?
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Can a green card holder marry someone without one?

That depends on the motives of the green card holder ;)

How do you marry a person with a green card?

In the same way you would marry someone without such.

Can a U.S. citizen marry someone with a green card?


Is it legal for someone with a temporary green card to marry a US Citizen?


Could you go to Mexico and marry someone to get a green card?


Green card when you marry?

Immigrants and aliens can get a green card when they marry a citizen on the USA.

I had a student visa but went out of status Can i marry a green card holder and apply for a green card?

I had a student visa but went out of status Can i marry a green card holder and apply for a green card?"

What are the requirements for a US citizen to marry someone with a green card?

Someone with a green card is a legal resident, it will be about the same requirements as for US citizen to get a marriage license, check with your county clerk if you have any doubt over this matter.

If I marry at the US After that how long I get green card?

If you marry a citizen in the United States, it could take several months to obtain a Green Card.

If Now I live in Cambodia so when I go to marry with someone at the US when will I get Green Card And how long Green Card I'll get?

If you now live in Cambodia and plan to marry someone in the United States, you will first arrive with a visa. Upon visa entry, you can apply for a green card. The waiting time for approval can vary from several months to several years depending on the circumstances. Green Cards have to be renewed every 10 years.

How do you marry someone on an expired visa?

By your local court house. Once you got your marriage certificate you can apply for a green card.

In what states can a us citizen marry an illgal alien so he can get the green card?

Please answer in what states can a us citizen marry an illegal alien to get the green card

Can a US green card holder marry a filipino and bring her back to the US?

Can a US green card holder marry a filipino and petition for a spousal visa to the US

How can someone who lost their green card get it back if they were deported for a criminal charge and how long would the process take?

If you were deported for criminal activity, there is no way you will be readmitted to the U.S. with a green card. I don't know about the possibilities if you marry.

How do you get permanent residence card?

Marry someone

How long does it take for a person holding a green card to marry someone in another country?

I dunno, how quick can you fill out forms, and how fast can your preacher talk? Whether you have a green card or not is largely irrelevant to how long it takes to get married.

If you fight in US will they retract your green card?

If you are in the US with a green card and you get into trouble by fighting or anything else, they can retract your green card. If that happens, you will be deported back to your original country.

Can a non resident marry a resident for green card?


Is legal to marry your first cousin for a green card?

bullcrap u can marry your cousin in alabama!!!!!!!!!

Is green card capitalized?

No, the words green card are not capitalized. A green card is given to someone who is not native to the U.S. but wishes to stay in the country.

If someone gives u their bank card and the PIN so i can get the money can i get in trouble?

If someone gives you their bank card and the PIN number so that you can get the money out, you cannot get in trouble. The card and PIN were willingly given to you.

My boyfriend is from Australia but is applying for a green card im here illegal overstayed my visa Can i get a green card when he gets his Is it best to marry before or after he gets his green card?

You should leave and then have him apply for you.

Can an legal immigrant marry a permanent green card holder?


Can US green card holder marry Indian girl?


Why do Indonesian women like to marry with western guys?

To get a green card...