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That depends on injuries and the longevity of said injuries. If the injuries casued long term or irreversible damage a settlement is possible. If the injury can be completely reversed then settlement can be small to non. Settlements are usually for compensating a loss.

2007-10-23 04:04:15
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Do you get paid for workmens comp doctor visits?


What's the rate for trigger finger surgery with South Carolina worker's compensation?

if you are rated 0% of loss after trigger thumb surgery by the worker's compensation doctor what is settlement rating in south carolina worker's compensation.

Can a doctor or hospital take a portion of you compensation settlement for an outstanding bill?

Yes, if you have a judgment against you the money you owe can come from any source that you may have.

How much pay will you get when on workers comp for surgery?

For Maryland it's 70% of pay, tax free. I do believe it depends on state law. I know that in Maryland the first 3 days of injury Workers Compensation will not pay you, you either need to take sick or vacation leave. Do think about getting a lawyer so you can better understand your rights. Lawyers who specialize in Workers Compensation law normally do not require you to pay them, they charge a % based on if they get money for you from Workers Compensation. This should be something that does not come out of your pocket, If they do not get any money for you. Workers Compensation should pay for: Any medical expenses, procedures, or surgeries due to injury/illness received at work. Medications needed due to injuries. If you need in home care via nurse. Lost wages (including over time) minus the first 3 days of injury. Gas expenses by mileage to and from the doctors office and hospitals. Parking fees (this may need to be reimbursed) Tips; It is ALWAYS your right to be treated by the doctor(s) of YOUR choice, Workmens Compensation may require you to seek a 2nd opinion from a dooctor of their choice, however you do not HAVE to receive treatment from that doctor, you may have to see that doctor only for a 2nd opinion to keep receiving your benefits. It is a good idea to get a binder with tabs, and to keep all correspondance in with / from workmens compensation, doctors, diagnosis, tests preformed, work, hospitals, receipts, bills, pay stubs (from either work or pay from workers compensation) Keep detailed lists of doctors appointments dates and time. Keep all doctor appointments, either scheduled by you or Workmens Compensation. Take notes when speaking to your Workmens Compensation Case Manager or Nurse with: Name of person whom you speak with, Name of Doctors office, Date and Time and what the conversation is about. Good luck! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

While you are waiting on the lump settlement is the insurance carrier for my workmens comp still required to pay out weekly payments as before?

yes they are. basically, if you are waiting for a lump sum settlement, then you have already been delared permanent and stationary(injury will get no better, or no worse). once the insurance adjuster receives all of your paperwork from the doctor who released you, your weekly payments will most likely be alot smaller than before. this is in preparation for your lump settlement. depending on the carrier, you may be able to receive small advances on the end amount if needed though.

What is the time limit for workmens comp before you can go to your own doctor?

Depending on the state you live in. Usually after 3months.

If you have not been released from a worker's compensation claim and your place of employment sells out to another company and you are not working because of cut wages can you collect unemployment?

You should still be collecting workmans comp if the doctor hasn't released you back to work. Workmans Compensation is an insurance that your employer bought. You can't collect unemployment if you haven't been released back to work from the doctor. You have to be ABLE to work to collect unemployment.

What determines a workmens comp settlement amount?

I'm actually in the same position that you are as far as workers' compensation. According to my lawyer, the settlement amount is determined by the pecentage of damage to you innjuried area and whether or not you are personally disabled to the point that you cannot provide for your family. You are seen by (3) different doctors. One from the insurance company, one from your attorney, and last the neutral doctor. After being examined, they will then average the percentages and come up with an amount according to a legal-injury book. Then you set a date and go to court. You can either settle or demand more. The choice is yours! I hoped this helped...good Luck

I was injured on the job and had surgery and now i am still having problems what can you do?

You need to get back in touch with your worker's compensation doctor. If you have already been released from the worker comp doctor, you should talk to your employer first.

Who decides when a workers compensation patient returns to work?

The doctor

Does workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion in Mississippi Also can you choose the doctor that give the second opinion Does that doctor have to be in a network?

Does workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion in Alabama.

How long does it take workman compensation to do surgery once doctor request it?

Once the doctor requested it for my husband it took about a week.

How long an you stay on workers compensation?

A person receives workers compensation when they are injured at work. The time you stay on workers compensations depends on how injured you are and what your doctor orders are.

Can a worker compensation provider sent you back to work without doctor approval?

If you're under an approved doctor care for maybe 6 months and then the worker compensation provider ask you to go see there doctor. You make the appointment and their doctor say to return to work and the doctor that you gave as your primary say for you to stay out of work until you're completely heal. What should you do??

If you were on workmens comp in Ohio how can you find a doctor in South Florida to take your case if you have not closed it due to your injuries?

How can I find a dr. in Florida to handle my Ohio work comp injury

What is the definition of medical negligence compensation?

Medical negligence compensation is the money you get when your doctor commits medical negligence. Medical negligence is the absence of care that you should have received but didn't.

Your rt wrist was broken in auto accident they ran a red light at hit you doctor says your hand will never be the same how much settlement could you expect?

It seems from your description of your road traffic accident that your solicitor should have no problem in establishing legal fault of the driver who caused your injuries. The question is therefore "how much compensation is your wrist and hand injury worth?". In the UK there are two main parts to your compensation settlement - financial losses (such as lost income and medical expenses) and pain and suffering. Your wrist and hand injury must be evaluated by a medical expert instructed by your lawyer to establish the medical description of your injury from which your solicitor can calculate how much compensation you should receive. Please see the related links entitled "wrist injury compensation" and "hand injury claims" to see examples of compensation amounts for all manner of hand and wrist injuries.

Can you lose your job if you do not come back to work before the doctor releases you from workers compensation?

You shouldn't

What happens to workmen's comp if the employee is discharged from his job?

In the state of Indiana, you still will receive workmans compensation after being terminated from your job. You will receive workmans compensation until the doctor releases you.

Average settlement for broken ankle?

The average settlement for a broken ankle varies for many different reasons. The length of time for missing work, severity of the broken ankle, and doctor bills are play a factor in the amount of the settlement.

Can you be turned down for workmens compensation due to a on the job injury?

As long as you were performing your job in accordance with the company's safety policies, and your injury wasn't a pre-existing one, no. Not usually. Although, most companies require a drug screen at the time of your doctor's visit, (and you must go through the proper channels: swiftly filling out accident reports, correct record keeping, seeing a doctor that the company approves of, and following assigned treatment).

If workmans comp refuses to pay my missed time off work and my doctor bills, do i need a lawyer?

Most definitely! If workman's comp refuses to pay for your time off and doctor bills, you need to contact a lawyer. There are many lawyers who specialize in just this area(workers comp claims) and will be able to guide you through the process and help you get the compensation you deserve. While the lawyer will cost you money(usually about 1/3 the settlement), it is well worth it since the lawyer will allow you to get compensation in a larger amount than you likely could have gotten on your own.

What should I know before accepting a cash settlement for an injury from an insurance company?

Before accepting a cash settlement for an injury it is important to know the amount of medical bills as well as any outstanding. In addition, it's important to make sure that you are completely recovered because any expenses incurred after settlement, you will have to pay them out of pocket! Make sure you talk to an attorney and get released for a doctor before settling.

How do you deal with a work compensation settlement?

That depends on what the settlement is for and what you mean by deal. If you mean by dealing that you wish to have a settlement or appeal one then first you must be on top the medical information submitted since this is the primary basis for adjudicating your claim. Some doctors hate the paperwork for this and don't provide enough information. Explaining to them why helps. Ask your adjudicator exactly what medical information is needed and go to your doctor and get it. Sending it yourself makes sure it gets to where it is needed. You need to make sure your employer has submitted the right kind of information, like accident reports and requested wage information. Since having a claim usually puts up their rates with workers' compensation employers often like to drag their feet on this in the belief that if they don't do it it will go away. If you are talking about adjusting to having a disability because workers' compensation gave you a settlement then having support to help you adjust is important. Finding a support group, even one online helps. It is important to realise that grieving a loss of function is normal. If you belong to a union have their workers' compensation person deal with them for you, they are the professionals who you've paid part of your paycheque to and know how to manage the ins and outs of the system.

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