Will you get any money back for anyone over 18?

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My son is 19 and I want to claim him as a dependant. He wants to do his own taxes. How much would I get back if my income was $20,000 yr
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If you cancel your life insurance will you receive any money back from the policy?

Answer . If it is Term Insurance, there is no cash value. Otherwise, there may be. However, consider the long term effects of this before cashing in. Buying insurance when you are younger and healthy sure beats trying to buy it once you have health issues. For example, it is a good way to leave ( Full Answer )

Do frank lucas still have any drug money left over?

yes he has alot of money in the Philippines a huge mansion and everything and still sells drugs on the side Answer yes he has alot of money in the Philippines a huge mansion and everything and still sells drugs on the side Answer yes he has alot of money in the Philippines a huge mansion and e ( Full Answer )

Did Christianity have any power over anyone?

NO No. Because when people down through history from the time of Constantine onwards exercised power over people in the name of Christ they were not acting as true representatives of either Christ or Christianity. So when people exercised coercive power over others in the name of Christianity they ( Full Answer )

Does or Has anyone figured out how to get their money back from the Angel Stevens scam who can you contact in Government to get your money back?

First question would be - have you been able to get any response from this scammer? Second - did you pay by credit card or Pay-pal? If you can not get Angel Stevens site to respond, then I would contact your credit card company (if you used a credit card) and file a dispute for fraud. If you ( Full Answer )

Does anyone have any build a bear ville cheat codes for money and clothes?

these codes below work once if you rester loads of bears and play games do quest you will beable to desing clothes when you do a bunnys quest it takes a whileto get money but try to save up Milk carton: milk-rcks-2008 1000 Bear Bills: TK3Z-6V8P-V48L Honey Shake move: J955-K8S5-3WX9 Hearts emoticon: ( Full Answer )

Has anyone made any money with the SFI affiliate program?

A Silver Team leader in SFI's contribution: I personally receive a monthly residual income from SFI. I will admit, as a newbie it was quite daunting and at first I made some costly mistakes. After I had completed all the basic training I started to study the most successful SFI Affiliates. Only a ( Full Answer )

Would he be a pedophile if you liked him back but he's over 18?

Liking him back is OK. \n. \nBut having any kind of sex with him if you are under the age of consent, could get him in big trouble. Even if you agreed, the law says you are too young to consent.\n. \nThe age of consent varies in different countries and different states. You should find out what ( Full Answer )

Can a juvenile be out past curfew with anyone over the age of 18?

Probably not. Curfew is a state or local law and so the answer needs to be researched locally to be correct. BUT, generally curfew does not allow a person subject to curfew to be outside with an unrelated adult. Too many gangs have members over the age of 18 or 21 to allow any adult as an escort. ( Full Answer )

Are there any countries that have their money backed up by anything of value?

That is a really great question. As a person who once believed in the System, justice for all, and the American dream; I now see that the world is based on the haves and the havenots. This has greatly changed my concept of value. I am happier owning nothing than I ever was trying to protect myself f ( Full Answer )

If there is a policy that is three months old and you cancel it will there be any money back?

Depends on the mode of premium...that is, did you pay an annual (yearly) premium, a semi-annual, quarterly or monthly premium?. Whichever mode you used, the insurance company will (should) refund the "unearned" amount you paid.. For instance, if you paid an annual premium (12 months), and you canc ( Full Answer )

Would you get all the bail money back after trial is over?

If you, yourself, put up the money, yes, you will get the remainder after fines, fees, or costs (if any) are deducted. Added: If you used the services of a bailbondsman, the money that was paid (usually around 10% of the bail amount) was the bondsman's fee, and you will not get that back.

What do you do if my dog got ranend over and you dont have any money?

Did you mean that your dog got run over?. Don't worry about money, just wrap your pet in a clean towel softly after washing your hands, lift your dog gently in your arms with the dog wrapped in the towel & ask someone to take you to a veterinarian by car. They are a kind lot & love pets as much as ( Full Answer )

Has anyone on here made any money off of Google kit or twitter?

No but the only way to earn money through Google is by using Google Adsense, and by sticking to their rules, and creating a great website with great original content, and a lot of visitors to it. So, Adsense can make you money, but it takes time. The "get-rich-overnight-with-adsense" schemes are sc ( Full Answer )

Does anyone have any build a bear ville money codes?

yes! here you go they are codes MILK-RCKS-2008 - Milk (Held in hand) NGKS-BABV-2008 - Explorer's Hat J955-K8S5-3WX9 - Gives you Y226-BW25-DX63 - Gives you the Valentines Day emoticon. 7LN5-T4B5-44YH - Adds 1,000 Bear Bills to your account. PEOP-BABW-2008 - Adds 1,000 Bear Bills ( Full Answer )

Any investors of md1x or Tim ackerman out there wanting return on investment or money back?

I'm having trouble getting specific data, but know this: Tim Ackerman has dozens of different sites with different names. He's changed domain names dozens of times. He's changed servers and IPs dozens of times. His name and the word "scam", "fraud" or "complaint" comes up with disturbing regular ( Full Answer )

You were over paid by insurance company by mistake can they claim this money back?

Of course they can. If I was you I would go ahead and reportthis matter to the adjuster that you dealt with to see if it wasincorrect or not. All claims will be audited by the insurancecompany and the claims department. Any mistake will be found out soyou should be truthful. I know with the IRS if y ( Full Answer )

Can anyone over the age of 18 who watches only cartoons and is in engineering sciences and computer programming succeed in life?

Yes. Depending on the individual's idea of what a successful life is, pretty much any lifestyle could qualify as acceptable. Additionally, the question does not say that the person in question ONLY spends their time watching cartoons. The question also does not provide information about any other ac ( Full Answer )

Is there any 18 and over clubs in New York City?

There are. They are advertised as "18 to party, 21 to drink." My friends and I used to call it, "18 to enter, 21 to have fun." ...Seriously. If you're over 21 -- or if you have a good fake ID -- you will get a handstamp or a wristband at the door that lets the bartender know you're allowed to dri ( Full Answer )

Has anyone received any money from Avandia lawsuit settlements?

I have recd the allotment letter that states how many points I have in my case, and how much money I will get. Now, I do not know the exact cost that my lawyers are taking out, I don't know know how much of a reserve they will keep for any liens (which there are none in my case) and any pay back for ( Full Answer )

Are there any 18 and over clubs in Bellingham WA?

At this moment there are no 18 and over clubs in Bellingham. As recently as last year, you could walk into the Foundary or before that the Nightlight, but they are both currently out of business. There are, however, some plans for a new one to open soon, but this is speculation, and I don't know wha ( Full Answer )

Can you have anyone over 18 bring you to get a piercing?

By law, no. Most professional piercers will require proof of parental/guardian consent in the form of a signed legal document called an affidavit. The parent/guardian will have to show photo ID and get it written off that they are your parent/guardian. However, some shops don't require this, or jus ( Full Answer )

Did anyone survive in the apollo 18?

NO. all three astronauts die in space including the lone observer who is in the command module ( he doesn"t land on the moon, so he could not have been contaminated. A Brave and Bold attempt by the astros to get back to the orbiter via a Russian spacecraft is over time- abortive. There is some comic ( Full Answer )

Is there any money back for members?

Probably not. When you purchase a Moshi Monsters Membership, you pay for a specific amount of time, such as one month, six months or 12 months. If you don't want to pay for membership after your time runs out, your account is switched to a Basic non-member (free) account.

Does the US still make any paper money over a 100 dollar bill?

No. At this time the US only prints bills in denominations of $1,$2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Prior to 1945 there were also $500, $1000, $5000, and $10,000 billsprinted for circulation, although they didn't get a lot of usebecause those were huge amounts of money at the time. In 1969 thegovernm ( Full Answer )