Will you get pregnant if you swallow his semen?


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No you can not get pregnant by swallowing your semen.

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No. To fall pregnant the semen must enter a woman's vagina.

No, not unless you have a virgina in your mouth!

No. There is no link between the stomach and the uterus.

Yes women can swallow semen as though most females fin it gross or disgusting

There's no problem if you swallow ones semen or your own semen if you have diabetes Unless you mix it with sugar or something sweet can be attributed to high sugar level

No you can not get pregnant from eating a guy's semen.

Yes, women can swallow semen. So can men. If the contributor of the semen is healthy, it will not hurt you to swallow semen.

You can't get pregnant from semen in the mouth. You can only get pregnant from sperm in the vagina.

If the semen was on your buttocks then you can't get pregnant. If the semen was VERY near your vagina then there is a slight chance you could get pregnant.

Women don't produce semen. If it's producing semen, it's not a woman.

That is not possible to get pregnant, when you swallow the semen. But still you may get pregnancy. It is always advised to to get the pregnancy test done periodically, if you do not get the periods. There are high chances that your partner will touch his semen and then your vagina. The same thing can be done by you also. That way you will get the pregnancy. This can happen with out your knowledge. This is much more common than you think.

If there is no semen there is no pregnancy

Yes, you can still be gay, even if you don't swallow the semen. Gay is about being sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex.

No. Semen must enter the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

It's probably not safe to swallow H+ sperm whether you're pregnant or not. I am not a clinical doctor, but this is a question you should ask him or her for a definitive answer to. (And trust me, you won't be the first person to tell her doctor that she swallows semen...)

Im guessing you mean Catching HIV, not having HIV. And yes, if you swallow the semen of someone who is HIV positive, you can catch it from that.

You will not get pregnant from semen. However semen generally contains sperm cells by the millions. All you need is one sperm cell to get you pregnant.

Yes, not all the semen will come out.

Can u get pregnant by one little drop of semen

semen is good for pregnant women to boost her health.

Only if your fingers happen to have semen. To get pregnant, you need to get semen into your body.

As long as the semen is contained in the condom and none leaked out, then you should not be pregnant,

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