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It's not likely that you would get sick from eating a small amount of mold.

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Will moldy bread harm humans i do not now srry good luck to you humans tat eat it?

Most moldy bread will harm people that eat it. Some mold will not make you sick. Some mold will make you sick. Some mold will make you extremely sick. Unless you know the particular type of mold will not make you sick or kill you, you should not eat it.

Will you get sick from old bread?

its possible expecially if it is molding then yes! some people say mold is good for you and infact ...............cheese is mold

Why is mold bread a chemical change?

Because mold can modify chemically some components of bread.

Can you eat bread that is not molded but there's some mold in the bag?

no because the mold might have affected the bread.

Can penicillin be made out of moldy bread?

Some bread mold contains penicillium, the mold from which penicillin is made.

Does some bread mold quicker than other bread?

Some breads will mold quicker than other breads, for example, homemade bread will mold faster than store bread because there are usually no preservatives required in the recipe for making bread at home. Also some brands at the stores are made without preservatives and they, too, will mold faster. Moist breads will mold faster than drier breads.

Why does mold grow quickly on bread?

mold grows quickly on bread because bread has many ingredients that causes mold to form such as white bread has yeast which causes mold to form quicker than mold may form on others. some times trying to answer a question like DOES MOLD FORM ON WHITE BREAD OR WHEAT BREAD QUICKER your answer would be white bread because 1)white bread is less healthier than wheat and 2) white bread has yeast which again causes mold to form quicker. mold grows on white bread between 3-6 days and mold forms on wheat bread between 1-3 weeks.

What are the conditions that cause bread to mold?

some ocnditions that cause bread to mold is light dark and more mostly light and dark.

What does bread need to mold?

nothing. just leave it some where for a while and it will grow mold!

Is it dangerous to eat mold on bread stored in the refrigerator?

It could be dangerous to eat mold that grew on the bread. Since we don't know what mold it is and some molds do product toxins, don't eat moldy bread.

What are some examples of zygote fungi?

bread mold

What effect can bread mold have on human body?

Bread molds vary widely in species. However, most kinds of mold that grow on wheat bread are harmless in small amounts. (White bread is a kind of wheat bread, as opposed to something like rye or oat bread.) However, there are certain kinds of bread mold that can be dangerous, but any bread mold is bad in large amounts. Also, some people may have an allergic reaction to mold. It's a good idea to generally stay away from bread mold.Note: The above information refers to eating bread mold. Inhaling the spores can be much more dangerous.

What are some of the molds that grow on bread?

One type of mold found on bread is Rizopus.

Can cats get sick from mold?

it's possible to get sick from that, because it's usually miost in the area for mold to occur, plus I'm sure there are some bugs, germs near, in the mold

What are some types of bread mold?

penicillium, aspergillius, nuerospora.

Why is it dangerous to consume certain types of bread mold?

It is only dangerous to consume certain types of bread mold because not all types of it are a danger to the human body. Some types of bread mold are used to make medicine, like Penicillin. But other types of bread mold, such as black mold, can be very harmful if consumed. So if you don't know how to identify the different types of bread mold, i suggest you do not go near it because it may be poisonous.

Does dried out bread mold?

Dried bread doesn't mold unless it is by some thing moist.Mold can only grow in moist areas (usually also somewhere warm)Once mold has begun to grow on bread, it can obtain some of the water it needs from the breakdown of starch (metabolic water) and the mold will continue to grow at a slower rate. Moisture loss will stimulate the production of spores.

Do you tolerate bread mold?

Some people do and others don't. Most people will throw out their bread if it is molded.

What will happen if you drink mold?

The reaction to ingested mold depends on the type of mold. Some types of mold will not do anything to the body, and other types can make a person sick.

What are some of the colors of bread mold?

green, brown , blue , and is fury

What are some cool sixth grade mold science projects?


What type of bag makes bread mold faster?

ziplock if you put the bread in a( ziplock has to be a small ziplock) then you put some of other food on top then about a weekend there is a mold thxs

How much mold do you have to ingest to get sick?

It depends on the mold. Some molds are totally harmless to eat / ingest, so you will not get sick. Some can take only a spore or two to begin to cause some serious damage to the body.

How do you prevent bread mold to grow on bread?

Bread mold grows best in a damp, dark, warm, oxygen-rich environment. To prevent bread mold, keep the bread in a dry, lighted (sunlight), cool (frozen), carbon dioxide-rich environment. Some warehouses have CO2 lockers where they keep produce for extended storage. Bread can be kept in a freezer for weeks without spoiling.

What should you do if you eat mold?

Unless you ate a great deal of mold, the worst that can happen is you may vomit. A bit of mold on some bread for instance is harmless.

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