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It is highly unlikely that mosquito larvae in your pool will make you sick. While mosquitoes are vectors for various diseases, the larvae are not.


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no it might not it just depends on the type of mosquito if i carrys the flu or not and if your dog is already sick it can make them sicker

A larva is one of the stages of insect development. Types of larva include caterpillars (a moth or butterfly larva), maggots (fly larva), and nymphs (grasshopper larva). There are also non-insect animals that have larvae, one of the most famous being the frog (who spawn tadpole larvae).Watching the man eat the giant larva on television made me feel sick.I never knew a tadpole was classified a type of larva.The larva wriggled about on the leaf.

i think so, that shows that they care for you even if you are sick

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First of all you wouldn't want to eat that. But, If you already ate a mosquito then you probably get sick because there is other people's blood inside that mosquito. So not really a good choice..........

Jesus healed the man at the pool at Bethesada , as he knew that the man was sick for many, many years and he had a desire to get well , but somebody always got in the pool first.

No they are not. If they're yellow for a long time they might be.

If the mosquito is carrying a disease (which it can) when it bites you, i could inject it into your blood, and you get sick and could die Ex: malaria (yellow fever), lyme disease and so on can get a cold any millisecond of the year unless youre albino

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It is when one organism does somthing to another organism that hurts it, such as: a mosquito biting a human. The mosquito takes blood from human and may inject disease which may harm the human. The mosquito gets food, but the human may become sick.

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