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AnswerMost definitely. You must apply for an extention (if allowed) but once you pass the date on the visa you are now considered an illegal alien and probably be flagged that way if you ever try to get a visa to return. Think long and hard about extending your lawful stay, it may affect the rest of your visitation rights to the US for the rest of your life!

Actually you have a 30 day grace period after your status expires for a j1 visa. You can remain in the country legally for 30 days after the expiration.

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Q: Will you have problems leaving the country if your J1 visa expires 12 days before your flight back to your home country?
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Will you have problems leaving the country if your passport expires 5 days before your flight back to your home country?

In most cases, you would not have a problem unless you are not flying to the country your passport is issued from.

How soon do you need to apply for the extension of a Thai tourist visa?

Before your tourist visa expires. There are different ways to get a longer stay by leaving the country and apply for a double entry tourist visa in Laos.

How many years can you hold a provisional licence before it expires?

how long can you hold adrivers licence before it expires

If you have less than 6 months left can you travel to Dubai?

A person may still travel to any country as long as the passport is not expired. How long before it expires is not taken into account unless the passport expires before the traveler is expected to return.

Can you use the membership again after it expires on club penguin?

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Your Passport runs out may and you travel in April?

If there is some significant chance that your travels will continue beyond the point at which your passport expires, you would be better off applying for a new passport before you leave the country. If your schedule is very reliable, and you will be back before your passport expires, you can use the one you have.

Can you fly to Poland in June 2010 if it expires in August 2010?

You need to tell us what expires before we can answer this question.

If you marry a US citizen while visiting the country on a visa do you have to leave when the visa expires?

AnswerSure you do. Unless you apply to adjust your status before the visa expires.I have been told that you can even apply to adjust after it has expired but they can still opt to deport you.

Is there a place where you can have your passport renewed before it expires?

Yes, there is a place where you can have your passport renewed before it expires. You can visit your local post office and they can give you the necessary documents to renew the passport.

When can a Turkish passport holder go to turkey before validity expires on passport?

You can enter your country of citizenship as long as the passport is valid- even if it has 1 day validity remaining. However, as soon as a passport expires, you cannot board the aircraft using that passport.

Can you travel if your passport has less than 6 months before it expires?

Of course. You have six months left. That's what "expires" means.

Where can you fly with a passport that expires in 3 weeks?

Anywhere, so long as your return flight is scheduled before the date your passport expires.

What happens if your bus card expires?

You should have renewed your bus pass before it expires. You can't use an out of date bus pass.

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How do you renew a green card outside us?

If you are outside the US and your card will expire within six months and you will return to US before the card expires, you can file the I-90 application for your renewal as soon as you return to the US. If you are outside of the US when the card expires and you have not applied for the renewal card before leaving the US, you should contact the nearest US Consulate, USCIS office, or US port of entry before filing Form I-90.

Can you leave and reenter the US after marrying a citizen?

It's possible to do so, yes. You should check with customs and immigration before leaving the country to identify any potential problems... it's a lot easier to get them straightened out when you're still in the country rather than when you're stuck in an airport (or something) trying to reenter the country.

Do Italians need to have return ticket to enter the us?

Typically travelers to the U.S. must already have a return ticket before they enter the country. The date on the return ticket must be before the traveler's visa expires.

Can you travel if your passport has 1 month left before it expires?

Yes you can

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4 months before your contrat expires

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Do you have to pay off your loan if you are permanently leaving the United Arab Emirates?

That certainly would be the right thing to do in any country before leaving. If money is owed, it rightly should be paid off. Usually expat residents have to have a clearance paper before leaving the country as proof nothing is owed and all loans have been paid. Banks are usually informed by companies/employers before an expat leaves a job in the UAE.