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No not if you have receipts for "MONEY" given. On your court date ,take all the receipts .If your receipts does not add up to your back-pay. You will have to pay the balance due

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2008-01-02 08:16:22
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Q: Will you have to pay back child support if you have receipts for money given?
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Should the child support money be given to the child?

No, it should be used to support the child.

Can an ex demand more child support if the divorce papers state an amount?

Depending on the State and what the extra money is for (such as education or if the child is extremely ill.) You can also request receipts to prove where your money is going.

What would be the consequences for not paying child support at all and if taken to court who would get the money the guardian or child?

It is possible for a court to order wages (or other income of whatever source) to be garnished, so that child support payments will be made. Money is never given to the child in question, it is given to the child's guardian.

Can child support be stop by the child if they aren't getting it?

If the child support is not getting to the custodial parent, the court will seize the money and make sure it is delivered. But note that the child support is not given to the child. It is used to pay for the food, clothing, shelter, and essential needs of the child.

If a person receives child support is it considered judgment proof?

Yes, because that money is really not yours. It is given to you for the needs of the child.

Can unemployment take money owed to them from child support payments?

No. Child support is dedicated to the support of a child.

What is money that is given to political parties to support their candidates?

"Hard money" is money that is given to political parties in support of candidates.

What is money that is given to political parties to support candidates?

"Hard money" is money that is given to political parties in support of candidates.

In BC law according to Divorce Act agreement what if one parent wants to give a minor child support directly to child and the other parent doesn't?

the money given directly to the child will not be considered child support this money has to go directly to the parent with whom the child is living

Not court order but giving my child mother money is there a way to show you been paying child support?

No, as even with receipts, it can be ruled a gift, especially if she is collecting welfare. You need to establish a voluntary order. see link

Can child support take money?

If you owe child support, they can take almost any money you have. Including pensions.

Does child support have the right to withdraw money from your checking account even though they are taking it weekly from your wages?

You should know how much you are paying in Child Support and it sounds rather odd they would take it off your pay check and your checking account unless you aren't making enough money at work to cover Child Support. If this is the case, then yes, they can take that money from you. You should know exactly what you have to pay re Child Support and keep tabs on what is being taken off of your pay check, plus your checking account. You have the right to demand receipts to be sure the Child Support is going directly to your child or children.

How is child support determined for joint physical custody?

The father usually pays a portion of his salary for the child support and that is gauged on how much he earns. If you feel your ex mate is not spending that money wisely on your child, you can request receipts on the purchases. The judge also has the say in what you will pay and who is basically raising the child, while the other ex can have visitation rights or the child on weekends or holidays.

If a spouse pays child support on a Tuesday when will the child receive the money?

The child does not receive the money, the adult responsible for the child gets the money.

Do you have to repay extra child support payments made by the father?

No, if the father of your child has given you extra money, it is considered a gift and does not have to be repaid. This is why it is recommended that no cash be exchanged between parents and only through a child support recovery unit.

Who receives the child support payments?

the caregiver of the child. the word support means to take care of, so child support, means to take care of the child. which means that child support payments should be given to whomever is taking care of the child in order to support that child. Pay your child support through either the courts or the State disbursement unit. DO NOT give any money or anything else to the obligee unless you want it to be considered a gift.

Can child support take money from your back acct to pay back child support?


What can you use your child support money for?

You are supposed to use it to support your children...

How do you garnish someone's wages to collect child support?

AnswerIf the father of the children is not trying to support his children then 'Child Welfare' (which becomes a legal matter) can come into the picture and actually garnish your wages. They phone your employer and the payroll person will take a percentage off your pay check before you even get it. It would be to your best interest to contact the mother of your children and come to some decent agreement and start paying that child support! A true man would care enough about his children to do so. If you have reason to believe your ex girlfriend or ex wife would spend the money on herself rather than the children then you can request receipts as to what monies are spent on the children. You have no excuses!Actually, the receiving parent of the child support is not legally required to provide any receipts to prove how the child support money was spent. It is at the total discretion of the parent what the money is spent on.

If the child has two part time jobs do I still have to pay child support?

If you are supposed to pay child support, the fact that the child is earning money from two jobs, has nothing to do with child support. Child support is paid to the person looking after the child to help support your child!

Can you claim a dependent that don't receive child support money and will that affect dependent from not receiving child support money?

Claiming a dependent is not dependent on the child support issue but rather on the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

What is the difference between capital receipts and revenue receipts?

Capital receipts are the receipts that a business must keep for the items that they purchase. Revenue receipts are receipts from the money that a consumer pays the business.

Can collections or child support touch money on a prepaid card?

Technically, perhaps. However, it's not practicable, especially given the amount of money that's probably involved.

Do you have to report a big sum of money to child support if you get child support in th state of Tennessee?

i got a large sum of money from my ex husband 401 k when we got divorced do i have to report it to child support

Will child support take your enlistment bonus?

Child support has first take with any moneys that you get. If you are behind in child support, they will take their percentage out of any money you get.