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That is not a safe calorie consumption for anyone, especially someone starting an exercise program. Know this, it takes consuming an extra 3500 calories in a week to gain one pound. Likewise, you must burn or cut out an extra 3500 calories in a week to lose one pound. Do the math to figure out your weight loss. It is safe to only lose 1 to 2 pounds per week so don't plan on more. If you lose more, you'll just gain it back and you could get sick. Think one pound is nothing? How about this, one pound is equal to 4 sticks of butter. One pound is something! Take a multivitamin when exercising and dieting. Drink a lot of water, 8 glasses a day. Don't be afraid of calories, arm yourself with information. Keep a log of how many calories and foods you consume. Get your sugars from fruit, not sweets like cake and candy. Eat carbs in moderation, as small side dish portions with your meals not a whole meal of white rice or pasta.

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Q: Will you lose weight by only eating 400-800 calories per day for three weeks plus doing 2 hours of exercise?
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What is the role of exercise and healthy eating weight control What is balance in the terms of weight?

Many studies show that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than what is consumed. Exercise burns those calories as well as everyday movements. So eating a low calorie diet and exercise will increase the amount of weight that is lost.

Will you lose weight if you exercise and improve your eating habits?

That is great you are doing both.. are you writing down what you are eating? Are you eating enough calories in a day? are you eating too many calories in the day? .. You may not lose weight even if you exercise and improve your diet if you have an underlying hormonal problem . So get your self checked by your GP before going on any exercise program.

How much weight can you lose eating 2000 calories a day?

It will mostly depend on how fast your body is processing the calories, and how much exercise you are partaking in.

How much weight can you lose in a week eating 1500 calories a day?

It all depends on how much exercise you are putting in and how many calories you are burning.

Do you gain weight by eating sweet corn?

think about it like this: everything you eat has calories in it; calories turn into fat. However, if you exercise, you can burn off the calories before they turn into fat. So if you exercise regularly, you probably wont put on wait from eating sweet corn.

Can eating fewer calories result in a weight loss or a weight gain?

In-taking less calories and out letting more calories through exercise or whatever mean should be effectively reduce the weight, however very calorie in-take is not advised.

Is it true exercise helps control our weight by burning calories?

Yes, but you need to remember that it's a HELP only. Exercise does burn calories, but not as fast as it is eating them. Eat too much, and no amount of exercise can keep you from getting fat.

Can you lose weight by eating a lot and exercising?

It depends on your definition of "eating a lot." You should be eating more calories on days you exercise, but don't go too overboard. It's all about calories in, calories out. That means if you just go for a 30-minute walk, but eat 3,000 calories, probably will end up actually gaining weight.

What are healthy ways to lose weight for an overweight female?

Please go to the link somestepsforhealthylife.blogspot. thank you

How much weight can i lose eating 1000 calories a day?

probably 1 every two days,if you exercise too.

Does eating healthy guarantee weight loss?

That is correct, eating healthy does not necessarily guarantee weight loss. You have to be sure to get a good exercise routine going as well as watching how many calories you take in.

What happens when the food you eat has too much energy in it?

If talking about energy, you mean kCal or Calories? If so, you will gain weight providing you are eating more than what your body burns in a day, not including exercise. If you exercise, you usually can consume more Calories (not empty calories) without gaining weight.

Is it true that sit ups do not help you to lose weight?

Kinda-sorta. The big thing to weight loss is to use up more calories per day than you're eating. Trouble is, eating calories is so much faster than burning calories through exercise that if your eating is wrong it's almost impossible to exercise hard enough to make a difference. As an example: -let's say you're eating one cupcake's worth of calories (around 450 cal) more than you actually need. Most people, and most forms of exercise, it'll take one hour to exercise that away. So while any form of exercise is better than no exercise, odds are you won't be able to enough sit ups to make much of a difference to your weight unless your eating is well under control.

How much weight can I loose eating 100 calories a day?

This is extremely dangerous. Please strive to eat at least 1000 calories a day. You will lose weight that way with proper exercise and plenty of water.

Is there a lazy way to lose weight?

Eating less and switching to a healthier diet (less calories) can result in weight losswithout any additional exercise.

How much calories should a teen eat a day?

get your weight and times that by "11" thats the amount of calories you should be eating daily. if you exercise, then the calorie intake should be greater.

Does eating more protein make you bigger?

Yes, eating protein aloows for muscle and bone growth, along with regualr exercise and an increase of calories. This will allow you to grow muscles, but without exercise, you will simply gain weight.

What are some good weight management plans I can follow?

The easiest way to lose weight is count calories and exercise. Calories are what create the fat that is stored in your body. Eating less calories creates less fat. By exercising you loose calories, which also burns off fat.

How much weight can you lose by eating around 1000 calories a day and walking 4 miles a day?

The amount of weight you will lose depends on what exactly you eat to get a thousand calories and how your body responds to changes in diet and exercise.

Does the diet or exercise matter more in losing weight?

Both. Diet reduces calories, exercise burns calories.

What does exercise burn?

exercise burns off calories, fat and excess weight.

Exercise all time and good diet and cant lose weight?

Check out how many calories your eating and how long your exercising for...then increase the amount of the exercise, and continue eating the way you are.also talk to your GP, sometimes there are underlying health probs such as thyroid which can affect weight loss rates.

Does exercise really makes you lose weight?

Kinda-sorta. To lose weight you need to be using up more calories than you're eating, and that's pretty much it. While exercise will make you use up more calories, weight loss or not still depends on how many calories you're eating. Let's say you're eating 1000 calories more than you need (that's easy, it's like two cupcakes and coffee), and you're using up 500 calories through exercise. That'll still put you 500 cals more than you need, and you'll keep gaining weigh - only a bit slower now. But maybe your eating is only a little wrong - say 100 calories more than you need. Now, 500 calories worth of exercise will be the same as 400 cals of weight loss. Nothing you'd see in a day, but give it some weeks and there'll be a difference.

How does lacked of exercise affect your weight?

If calories consumed (eaten) are more than calories burned (through exercise), then this energy will be stored as sugar in the liver and fat on the body. So a lack of exercise in comparison with calories eaten will result in weight gain.

How can we gain weight?

You can gain weight by eating food with high Calories.