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No! Everyone on a diet reach their own plateau. It will kick in again. Women require 1200 calories a day to be healthy and exercise is a must! If you don't use it you lose it and that includes the heart. If you exercise then you know muscle weighs more than fat, but what many people don't realize is when they pack on the required amount of muscle for their body size they look great and even though they hoped to be approx. 120 lbs. - 150lbs. for a woman, and may be 135 lbs. or 180 lbs. take a look at the muscle. Muscle need not bulge! It makes the person look lean and mean. LOL

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Q: Will you reach a weight plateau quickly if you eat 800 calories or less every day and you don't exercise?
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Does the diet or exercise matter more in losing weight?

Both. Diet reduces calories, exercise burns calories.

What does exercise burn?

exercise burns off calories, fat and excess weight.

How does lacked of exercise affect your weight?

If calories consumed (eaten) are more than calories burned (through exercise), then this energy will be stored as sugar in the liver and fat on the body. So a lack of exercise in comparison with calories eaten will result in weight gain.

What kind of metabolic diet plan is reccomended for a person looking to loose weight quickly?

Balance the amount of exercise and food you eat. So that every 100 calories of food you eat, you exercise 150 calories off. Hope this helps, good luck.

Can you lose weight if you do not eat your daily calories?

With exercise, yes.

What should you do to lose the weight?

Less calories in, more exercise out.

What happens if you take a lot of calories?

You gain weight, if you don't exercise enough to get rid of the calories.

How many calories does a 180 pound man need to lose weight?

It depends how tall you are and how many exercise you do in one day. If you're doing moderate exercise (such as walking to work) you'll probably need around 1600 calories a day to lose weight. One very important thing to lose weight is also to count the fats (not only the calories). Avoid everything that has a higher fat than 5. You'll lose weight extremely quickly!

How much pounds will you lose in a week if you exercise everyday?

Depending on how much you weigh and how you exercise. People you weight more usually burn more calories and lose weight faster, and then begin to plateau and stay the same weight, in order to lose more weight you'll have to increase the level of exercises to advanced. it also depends if you do light activites , moderate , to heavy activites.

What is the best diet to lose weight quickly?

It is lost quickly only in Halloween. Also Easter is a great holiday to lose weight and it will make you feel ten times better than you currently are.

Swimming to lose weight?

Swimming is a low impact exercise that can burn a lot of calories. This exercise is a great option if you want to lose weight.

How many calories should you eat per day if you exercise and want to lose weight?

1500 calories

How do you lose weight quickly with no side effects?


Does cycling help in losing weight?

any exercise which burns calories will help in loosing weight.

What does it mean when you plateau when dieting?

It means that you reach a point where you no longer continue losing weight. This usually happens when you don't vary your calorie intake or exercise regime enough. To avoid a plateau when dieting you should vary your calories by 100-200 calories each day. You should also vary your exercise regime, i.e 20 minutes one day, 40 minutes the next or Cardio one day and Pilates the next.

If you jog do you lose weight?

Jogging burns energy (calories), If your burning more calories then you are consuming then you will loose weight, whether or not you loose weight depends on your diet AND exercise.

Why is exercise important to lose weight?

Calorie intake minus calories burned equal the calories retained. If you increase how many calories you are burning through exercise, your weight loss will be more successful, rather trying to just reduce how much you eat.

Why don't anorexic people eat?

Anoriexics do not eat so that they do not gain weight. Combines with not eating much, they exercise a lot to burn calories in a way to lose a lot of weight very quickly. It is very dangerous, though.

How many calories burned in 1 hour of Dance Mat based exercise for weight of 55kg?

2454 calories

What is the role of exercise and healthy eating weight control What is balance in the terms of weight?

Many studies show that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than what is consumed. Exercise burns those calories as well as everyday movements. So eating a low calorie diet and exercise will increase the amount of weight that is lost.

Do you gain weight because of drinking?

You gain weight when you consume more calories than your body burns. Alcohol has a lot of calories. If you don't increase the amount of exercise you get to balance the increase in calories you will gain weight from drinking.

How many calories does a 125 pound woman need to maintain weight?

about 1500 calories a day without exercise, if you do any exercise you can increase by how many calories you have burned

How much weight will you lose and how quickly?

It depends on your diet, exercise, and etc.

How do you lose wait fast?

If you mean "weight", eat less calories and exercise.

How do you NOT gain weight?

Expend as many calories as you consume. Eat right and exercise.