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Yes,but only sometimes.Milk is Vitamin D but not enough nutrition you need to eat a lot of vegetables to be very healthy

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Will you remain healthy if you only drink milk.Why?

i think milk is a good source of healthy diet but we need also other nutrients so it is necessary to eat fresh and green vegetable and seasonal fruits in our daily diet.

Can baby dwarf hamsters drink milk that you drink?

No, they can only drink their mother's milk.

Do amphibian drink milk?

no because only mammals drink milk

Do you Feed horses milk?

Only baby horses or foals drink milk and it is best for them to drink only their mothers milk.

Is cofee healthy?

it is healthy when you drink it some times only but it won't be very healthy if you drink it too much, it is not a exact healthy drink.

Do horses drink milk?

Yes, they drink their mother's milk, but only as foals.

Does birds drink milk?

Birds does not. (only mammals drink and produce milk)

Are Americans the only people that drink COLD milk?

no Americans arent the only ones who drink cold milk.

Can you drink sterilized milk why pregnant?

Yes because its sterilized. The only milk you can't drink is goats milk. Xxx

Do snakes in the wild drink milk?

No. Only mammals drink milk. Snakes drink water and eat other animals.

What is the best milk cats can drink?

Cats are not made to drink milk. Except only when they are very young and they get the milk from their mother. So I advise you not to feed milk to cats; only water.

Can a person drink only ensure and remain healthy?

No. While Ensure does have many vitamins and such to help keep a person healthy, it does not contain everything needed to keep the human body in good condition.

What milk can cats drink?

Cats should only drink cow,goat, or of course, cat milk.

What kind of milk do cows drink when they need strong bones?

The only type of milk that cattle drink is cows milk, they will only drink this when they are young. The first milk, also called Colostrum, gives the calf its needed antibodies in order for survival.

Can kittens only drink their moms milk?

actually no, they can drink any mother cats milk, this may sound weird but they can even drink mother dogs milk or goats milk, goats milk is VERY good for them.

Why do babies drink milk only?

Babies drink milk all day because they need strong bones.

What do cows drink besides water?

Cows ONLY drink water. They do NOT drink milk, and cannot drink milk otherwise they will get quite sick with diarrhea and rumen upset.

Can dogs drink milk?

yes dogs can drink milk but only special milk you get from your pet store. if you don't get a special kind then the dog with get sick.

Does a patient with osteoporosis never drink milk?

Not necessarily. Some do drink milk, but maybe not enough. But milk intake is not the only factor that contributes to osteoporosis.

Do micro pigs drink milk?

Yes, but only full fat milk.

Is allowing cows to drink only the best of milk selective breeding?

Absolutely not. Cows don't drink milk, only calves do, and even then if calves are allowed to "drink only the best of milk" is still not even close to being considered "selective breeding." Cows being bred for producing more milk is an example of selective breeding, not drinking only the best milk.

Do worms drink milk?

No. they only drink water that they absorb through their skin

Can you drink milk when trying to get a six pack abs?

Its best to drink water. Milk has to much fat. Really milk from cows should not be drunk by humans its only for baby cows. We should only get milk from our moms only as babies. Man or animal.

Can you give a reptile milk?

No. Only mammals can drink milk. Reptiles cannot digest it, although it is commonly thought that snakes like to drink milk (they don't).

Is milk good for the hair?

Yes, but only if you drink it.

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