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I am assuming you are talking about Birth Control right? I use Ortho Tri-Cyclen (28 day) and I usually start my period 2 days after finishing the normal pills. So if you start the 'sugar' pill on Sunday, you should your period about Monday or Tuesday. Once I missed two pills in a row and I started my period on the 3rd day.


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A sugar pill is what women take to start their period. It allows the period to start.

You start your period when on the sugar pills. Your period should start within three days of your first sugar pill - the exact time will differ from woman to woman.

some people do but i however don't, i am a Sunday starter and i take my 1st sugar pill on a Sunday but i do not start my period until weds or thur

Not exactly.. your period can occur as late as the 4th sugar pill

It can start anytime during the 7 day sugar pills.

If you start the pill on the first day of your period, you have immediate protection against pregnancy.

You start your new pack of pills when you finish your old pack. Lets say you had you last pill on a Wednesday, you then start your new pill on Thursday. If its your first pack you have ever taken then you either start your first pill on the day you start your period or on the Sunday during your period. At first you period will not go with the pill correctly; it my take a month or two for your period to adjust.

Normally you should start the day or day after you take the first placebo pill.

If you just got them then i would wait until sunday or the day after you stop your period and you will start with pill number 1 then go to the sugar pills which you take while you are on your period!

You can either start taking the pill on the first day of your period, which is called day one start, or on the first Sunday after your period, which is called a Sunday start.

If you're just starting the pill, it's best to take the pill on the first day of your period. My GYN told me that you can also start the pill the Sunday following the start of your period... That way, it's easier to keep track of whether or not you took/missed your pill that day.

You don't start with the sugar pills. You start with the first pill. If you are starting in the first days of your menstrual bleeding, you don't need to use a backup birth control method.

Missing a sugar pill would make no difference at all so there must be another reason. Hello. Because you missed one sugar pill this caused you to start your period a day early. sugar pills have no active ingredients. they are just simply what they say they are. i go with the first answer. there isn't any difference to whether you take them or not. they are just there to keep you from forgetting the active pills. i never take the sugar pills. not sure y it would start early though.

If you are talking about the last week in your pill pack, yes, you are supposed to start you period that week. I don't know what they are made of, but they are often called sugar or inactive pills. They aren't always green though. It depends on the kind of pill you have. If you are talking about another week, I don't know what they are made of either, but you aren't supposed to start your period until the last week of your pill pack. Please be aware that not everyone starts their period during the sugar pills, especially when you first start taking the pill. So if you have been taking your pill perfectly, every day no fail and at approximately the same time, chances are you are not pregnant. My first month on the pill I didn't get a period at all and freaked out but the test was negative, the following month I got my period on the third week and it stopped before the sugar pills. Many times it's just your system adjusting to the hormones.

yes it will stop. i have taken the pill on my first day an its work

My doctor said that it can stop your period. This pill is to lighten and shorten the length of your period. This pill has more days in which you actually take the bc pill. Other bc pills have like 4 fewer days then you take the sugar pills. If you want to have your period while taking this pill just disregard the last real pill. It should make your start your period. If not skip the last 2. I would talk to your doctor first.

Your period should not start unless you take a placebo pill. If youre already in menstration, it will eventually stop your period until you start placebo. To skip. Period, just skip the sugar pills which do not do anything, and start your next active pill.

Your doctor should have instructed you on when to start; however in most cases a woman begins the pill on the first Sunday after her period even if she is still on her period.

To start the pill again you take it on the first day of your next period.

You only start taking the pills on the first day of your period when you are starting out. From then on you just take one pill per day and your period will come when it needs to. I always started my first "sugar pill" on Thursday morning and didn't see my period until Saturday some time. As long as you are taking one pill per day you will not need to take addition protection. Extra protection is only needed if you miss a pill.

If you start the pill a week before your period, you probably will not get it when expected. Instead, you'll get it at the end of the pill pack.

no your are supposed to start the pill on the day u finish ur period

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