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if you mean that you missed one period, and got the rest of them. chances are, you only missed your period due to stress.

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Q: Will you still be pregnant when you miss 1 month of your periods?
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You missed your periods but you still not pregnant?

Stress can cause you to miss your period as well as a hormone imbalance. if you still have not started by the next month, contact your OBGYN.

Is a girl pregnant if they miss one period but get it the following month?

Not pregnant, but get a professional opinion about the reasons for missed periods.

What does it mean when you miss your period for a month and is still waiting till the next month and hasn't had it yet?

It means you are having irregular periods OR that you are pregnant, you should go and get a proper test

Can you miss a period one month and get it the next and still be pregnant and what if its bright red?

yes you can miss up to 3 periods! and color usually doesnt have bothing to do with it... every person is different

How many periods do you miss when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant you miss 10 months of periods but as soon as you give birth you are back to odd premenstrals again. Hope this helps

You have had regular periods for a year and then you have two in one month?

periods could happen twice in one month, but the next month, you might miss

Why does a woman miss her period when she is pregnant?

If pregnancy may be in periods

Do women on birth control miss their periods if pregnant?

If a women is pregnant than she will miss all of her periods, until she gives birth. then she will have a period every 28 days like normal

Is it possible to miss two periods and be pregnant?

If you have had sex, pregnancy is a possibility.

What causes no period for months?

if you are pregnant it can cause you to miss some periods

Do you miss your period every month when pregnant?


If you take the pill for a month get a couple regular periods then miss one what are the chances you are pregnant?

If you took birth control for one month and had a few periods then you need to see your doctor and change birth control. It doesn't sound like you are on the right type of birth control pills for you - hence the extra periods. You do need to perform a pregnancy test as there is a possibility you may be pregnant.

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