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TO tell u the thruth i think that if your boyfriend keeps a photo and phone number, that might mean that yes he would cheat on you. Because why have a phone number of and ex-girlfiend if she was his past, he might still feel something for her. The only think you should do if you have a boyfriend like that, is try to talk with him, and ask him if he still feel something for his ex-gilsfriend. If he do and u love him alot or like him, just try to be the Best Girlfriend you can be and at the same time try to be like a Best Friend for him. It might hurt a little if he tell's you he still miss her or love her but try to be strong. Cause no women should cry for a guy.Now if you dont love him and just like him i think you should leave him and find someone you can really love and can love you back. I hope this will help you a little big if you need any question just message me at Good Luck!!!!!

2006-07-25 03:53:31
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Q: Will your boyfriend cheat if he won't let go of his ex-girlfriend's pictures and phone number?
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