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Yes, your car should pass the inspection if everything else is working properly. The abs light is not a reason for rejection on why you shouldn't pass the inspection.

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2012-05-05 05:17:35
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Q: Will your car pass inspection in Texas if the ABS light is on?
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Will car pass in New Hampshire inspection with abs light on?


Will my car pass inspection in TX with abs light on?

Yes, if there are no other problems.

Will your car pass inspection in New York if the ABS Light is on?

i think yes abs does not need to work in order for the brakes to operate

Can you pass the C.A brake and lamp inspection if your ABS light is on?

No,just found out today that automaticly fails if the abs light is on still trying to find a way around it.

Virginia state inspection pass with abs light on?

yes it will pass im a va state inspector and in the book ( va isnp man.) it says it can pass

Will a car pass inspection with ABS not working?

depends which state you live in. I've heard of people passing inspection in NY state but not in Texas. best to just call a local shop and ask...

Will your car pass inspection in NC if the ABS light is on?

No it will fail and they will ask you to return when you have the light out , happened to me and i was told i prob needed a brand new abs system. just so happened there was a loose wire poped it bak in and hey presto light went out

Why is your ABS light on 1998 Ford Expedition?

Bring it to a shop that has an ABS scanner. They may tell you that the computer in the car is shot. That's what happened in my 1997 expedition and it will cost about 1600 to fix it. Note: until you get it fixed, it won't pass inspection.

How can a Rear abs light on 1993 ford E-150 be cleared for inspection?

Remove the bulb!

Is it safe to drive while abs light is on?

Generally not recommended. The ABS light means that there's something wrong with the ABS system - which may be anything from a major malfunction of the ABS system to something as simple as a bad sensor. ABS brake systems must revert to normal operation in the event of an ABS system malfunction, which means you'll still have brakes, but the ABS system won't prevent lockup and skidding. Before your vehicle can pass inspection, the problem will have to be fixed.

You are interested in buying a 1996 Honda odyssey the people say the abs brake light stays on but the brakes are ok would this prevent you from getting it inspected and about how much would it cost to?

Would pass inspection in Massachusetts. Have ABS system scanned to determine problem and cost of repair

Abs light on all of the time?

The ABS light is on because there is a problem with the ABS. The ABS will not function when the light is on. The light will remain on until the problem is fixed.

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