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There are many factors in credit scoring. Closing an account should not make it drop in score. Especially if it is a small amount of credit available.

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Q: Will your credit score drop if you close a zero balance credit card that has been open for only four months?
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If you close open accounts will your credit score go up?


If you close your account with a balance will this hurt your credit or your credit score?

To successfully close an account, you must first have a zero balance on said account. Otherwise, you will still receive bills on that balance, which can and probably will accrue late charges.

Does carrying a balance on a credit card effect a credit score?

Yes but not significantly, unless it is a large amount, close to the maximum limit.

If your credit card balance is close to your credit limit does that hurt your credit score?

ANSWER Paying your debts in a timely manner doesn't give your credit score best results !!!! Crazy isn't it ! This is called your balance-to-limit-ratio and counts for 30% of your credit score. In order to get best result you have to keep your balances at least 70% away from your limits.

Does closing a credit card with a balance affect your credit rating?

Absolutely!!! Your credit score would go down and interest might be charged. Would be more of a lose for you. Its better to close it with a paid balance!

What does transferring credit card balance to new card do to credit?

Generally, after two (2) months, the balance transfer from one card to another only minorly impacts one's credit. The key is the additional or new account and the utilization of the line on the account. If you transfer a balance to a NEW account as part of the application/onboarding process, your credit score will be reduced. If you transfer a balance to an EXISTING account that you don't use regularly, your credit score will be reduced. If you transfer a balance to an EXISTING account that you use on a regular basis, your credit score will either remain the same or be reduced.

What is the credit score impact of transferring your entire balance from a credit card to a new lower rate card account while keeping your old accound open with zero balance?

I've heard that if you keep your old account open (even with zero balance) can actually improve your credit score. The longer you keep credit card accounts open with out generating massive debt the more likely you'll get a better credit score. Depending on how large your balance is will really determine rather your credit score will get hurt or not (some will argue that it will not change your credit score but the answer varies from one opinion to the other) . You will be charged a fee by your previous credit card company though. Do not close your previous credit card account if you wish to improve your credit score, for some credit score companies may use it as a penalty against you (e.g. FICO).

How long do i have to have a credit card before i get a credit score?

6 months

If you close a credit card that has a balance on it will it hurt your credit score oppsed to waiting until the balance is paid in full?

Canceling cards usually does lower your FICO or credit score; if you have a balance on a card, pay it off or transfer the balance to a lower-interest card. Then take scissors and cut up the old card (and any new ones they send you in the future). But then you don't need to actually cancel it.

How can a repossession with a zero balance affect a credit score and can it be removed?

A repossession will significantly lower your credit score, regardless of the balance. It will take around 7 years before the repossession is removed from the credit report.

Does being in good standing with a current credit card rise your credit score even though you still have collections and chargr offs?

Keep in mind that what you have done in the last 24 months is what considered most. You can be in good standing with your credit card--but not using it properly will still affect your score. As Phil Turner said in his book titled "The Credit Bible" "If your credit card balance is over 30% of the balance, this will affect your score." Those collection account and charge offs will hurt, but not as much in 24 months.

Where do I find out my credit score?

You can use a credit check service to get your credit score. Also, depending upon your credit card company, you can request a free credit score once every 6 months.

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