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Yes your papers will list all the creditor that was discharged. I did some research and found out myself.

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Q: Will your discharge papers list all the creditor that was discharge?
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Is it illegal to not tell creditors that you have filed Bankruptcy?

You don't have a choice. You list all of your creditors and the court notifies them of the filing. If you deliberately omit a creditor from the list you can be charged with a federal crime and, more seriously, denied a discharge or have your discharge (as to ALL creditors) revoked.

How can you find your military awards?

Your discharge papers are going to list all of the awards you have received. If you are still on active duty, your service record will contain all of the documents.

How do I find out what medals or awards I am entitled to for my marine corps service?

Check your discharge papers. You should have been issued a DD214 upon discharge. It will list all of your awards as well as your unit history and dates of service. You can contact the appropriate service if you cannot locate yours.

If all unsecured non-priority claims are discharged can a creditor that was included in the discharge have a judgment lien on a property?

Following your supposition, if he had a lien then he wasn't an unsecured creditor, and if only unsecured were discharged, he wasn't.

Is bankruptcy discharged after all the debts are settled?

The discharge is, as general rule official sixty days after the date of the creditor (341) meeting.

Can a creditor take you to arbitration after your bankruptcy has been discharged?

No, the court discharge of the debt means it no longer exists! The filing of the bankruptcy prohibited every creditor from taking any action to collect (other than those required to the bankruptcy court). Of course, you had to handle your BK properly, and list all your creditors and all your assets, etc....if not you have lied to the court and they don't look at that too well.

How long does a bankruptcy take to discharge in Idaho?

The time-frame for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case in Idaho is the same as all other states. The discharge should arrive between three and four months after filing. This assumes that no creditor nor the Trustee has filed an objection to such discharge.

What does a sample letter for why you filed bankruptcy include?

The letter isn't necessary. The clerk sends notices to all on your creditor list.

Which ribbons and badges did your husband get while he was in service?

See if you can find his discharge papers, the DD-214, should list them all. If it is lost, he can contact the military and order a new set. You can also obtain a copy of your service record through the National Archives.

Can you get a civil judgment removed from your credit report if it was included and discharged in a bankruptcy even if the judgment date is later than the bankruptcy discharge date?

No, debts, liens, judgments incurred after a bankruptcy has been filed cannot be included and therefore cannot be discharged in the BK proceedings.AnswerI was informed that if you had included this creditor in your bankruptcy, which was discharged, the creditor should have stoped all actions towards obtaining a judgment against you. I believe this judgment can be discharged by filing a discharge request with the court administrator and only then removed from the credit report. However, if you did not list this creditor on your bankruptcy, then it will prevail. Call the court administrator.

Where can you find information on what awards you are entitled to from Marine Corps 1954 to 1968?

Your discharge papers, the DD-214, should list them all. If you have lost it, you can contact the military and order a new set. You can also obtain a copy of your service record through the National Archives.

Do you notify creditors of your bankruptcy or does your attorney?

You have to provide the court with a list of all your creditors, called the creditor matrix, which the court uses to send notice to all creditors.

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