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I think the hard to get thing is silly. I mean for example if I play hard too get and that alone gets the guy, then once he gets me, then what? he will be bored. I want a man that appreciates that I love and care for him and show it in a healthy way. A real man will honor and love that about you. Just be yourself. If you have acted needy, dont worry about it. Just dont act that way to him again. Dont beat yourself up over it. If he loves you he will see you acted needy and not care too much as he will accept you as you are. Game playing and pretending to be someone other than the beautifull person you are is selling yourself short. Look at the big picture, you want him to love the real you, not the chase. Maybe. On the other hand he might just move on, figuring that you don't care. Recognize that women tend to want men to be more complex than we are.

2008-07-23 19:16:58
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Why do your ex-boyfriends always want to come back to your life?

Because they finally realize they've made a mistake and realize that they need you in their lives now....

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they do it because they realize that they made a big mistake by doing it and they feel bad

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How long does it take for guys to realize they made a mistake?

Unfortunately just because you may think they made a mistake does not mean they feel the same way. If they feel they want to get back with someone eventually it will be at their own pace with no set time limit. Its best to not wait around for what may never be - let go and move forward.

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