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If he wants to use you again. Why waste your time waiting on a person like that. Its time to move on and not wait.

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Q: Will your ex be back after you cut him off when he doesn't go for a relationship but suggests you can either be friends or have no contact at all and it has been three days?
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Your guy doesnt expresseshis feelings to you but the way he talks or cares for you suggests that he loves you?

just ask him if you are unsure about your relationship

How can you tell its over in a relationship when you live together?

when he/she doesnt seem as interactive and is staying out all night with his/her friends. when he/she doesnt seem as interactive and is staying out all night with his/her friends.

He say he wants to be friends does this mean he wants a relationship?

by relationship he means friends. if he dumped you he feels bad and doesnt want to hurt your feelings so says can we be friends say yes and just be friends it may not have been meant to be

If you are in a relationship with a guy and he says he likes you but doesnt show that much interest how do you make him want you?

Ignore him. Don't contact him.

Why doesn't Romeo even trust his closest friends with the knowledge of his relationship with Juliet?

because hes doesnt giveee a f

What do you do if she does not like your friends?

if you two are in a really good relationship, then your friends shouldn't be an issue. but if you could live without her, then don't stay with her. if it bugs you that she doesnt like then, you can just ask her to be nice to them for you.

What does it mean when a guy says i don't want a relationship i want to build a friendship?

it means he doesnt like you... Answer He wants to be friends first.

What do you do if you like a guy and he likes you but he doesnt want a relationship but he might in the future?

Wel if he doesnt want a relationship then give him a while to think and c wat happends and if he stil doesnt want a relationship move

What to do if you love someone who doesnt love you?

this has happened to me plenty of times. my best advice is to keep being friends with him/her and in time, your relationship may develop.

Why does my friend not include me like her other friends does she want my friendship?

you could quit talking to her and find out..if she doesnt try to contact you then there is your answer...or you could ask her

How do you talk to Laura Marano on facebook?

You don't. She doesnt have a public one. She has one from before she was famous that she uses to keep in contact with friends and family.

Your ex doesnt want to date any one and just wants to be friends with you?

Depends on who broke up with who. If you broke up with him, means he is still not over you but he broke up with you then that means he is not ready for another relationship and just wants to keep contact with you because you are good friend to him.

He says he wants to be friends but when we are together he can't stop touching me He says he is definitely attracted to me how do i really know it is over?

he wants to be friends w/ benefits, he doesnt want a relationship, he just wants to have sex

What does it mean when he wants your relationship to be private?

most likely he does not want his ex girlfriend to find out because he doesnt want it to be open to everyone because maybe one of his friends like you to he wont want to fall out with him ! he just wants a good relationship and doesnt mean this in a bad way he wants it to work.

Girlfriend has a lot of male friends?

it doesnt mean that she is seeing them. my best friend is a guy and it doesnt make a difference. take her to dinner and have an honest conversation and tell her you want te truth. being in a relationship is all honsety

When a guy breaks up with you and he has a new relationship but still wants to be friends means?

It means he still has feelings for you, but doesnt like you as much as he likes the other girl.

What does it mean when your boyfriend tries to hide the relationship?

that he has something to hide. or he doesnt want people to know he is dating you. or he already has a girlfriend. or it could have something to do with his family or his friends

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Your girlfriend always tells she loves you and is very nice but when her friends arrive shes totally ignoring you She doesnt shame you you know it but what could be the reason for it?

her friends might not approve of her relationship, but if it bothers you a lot then, you should just confront her about it.

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