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So long as your Auto Insurance is still in force your policy still covers you.

You should renew your license as soon as possible though as the Insurance company does check your drivers license and driving history regularly.

Should the company find that you have allowed your license to expire, they may decide to cancel your policy or decline to renew your policy on the assumption that you no are no longer a licensed driver and therefore do not need Auto Insurance.


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Answer it will if you have full accident insurance Answer only if you have full coverage. Actually, it depends on whether or not the deer was in a pedestrian crosswalk. If it was, then your insurance will cover you as stated. However, if the deer was not in a crosswalk, then the deer's insurance will be liable.

It depends what the insurance was taken out for. Accident insurance would not cover this, but extended warranty or breakdown cover would.

Your insurance may cover dentures depending on the policy. Medicare does not cover dentures.

If it is road legal and you have a full driving licence and insurance you can ride it on a motorway.

Call an insurance agent and he will sell you a policy.

Most Infinity Insurance will cover an abortion. AAA Infinity Insurance is one that gives full coverage, Many other branches of Infinity cover a percentage of the abortion cost.

HSBC provides all kinds of Home Insurance, from basic structural cover to full home and contents. They also offer emergency repair cover as well as specialized landlord cover.

You will most likely be charged with driving with a suspended licence. The owner of the car u were driving may get in trouble if he knew you did not have a licence and let you drive anyway, however if he didnt know you did not have one then nothing will happen to him. His insurance should (if he has insurance) cover the other guys car and his as well if he had full coverage.

You have to have a full car licence or a full motor bike licence.

Alfa insurance is a full coverage agency. They cover auto, life and home insurance. They have multiple options of coverage for you to choose from.

Depends On How Strict Your Insurance Company Is, Also How Long Were The Plates Expired. But From Your Info Sounds Like You Should Be OK. Do Hope This Helps

Minimum coverage is the minimum amount of insurance required by law. Full coverage is the full package from the insurer, insuring everything they offer to cover.

Full coverage auto insurance covers everything. If the car is totaled they will will replace it. Liability auto insurance will only cover medical bills, and not the car if it is totaled.

A full driving licence allows you to legally ride a 125 without L plates, all you need is insurance.

Sue him.A bit more:If the person who hit you doesn't have enough insurance to cover the damages to your vehicle, then your insurance should cover the balance of the costs if you have full coverage and not just liability insurance.

if your full coverage includes comprehensive coverage then yes, Auto theft is covered under the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy.

That insurance will probably cover the BANKS interest in the vehicle and any liability that may be assigned to it, but little or nothing for you.

Of course, but it is advisable not to do that as she can have double cover. Need to check what kind of coverage your employer has given you. If its a floating family cover, in case you use up the full cover she can then opt to use her cover.

Not in the UK. The provisional driving licence covers several groups of vehicle. However if you have a driving full licence for a car that will cover you as a provisional licence for a motorcycle. If there are additional groups required then you must apply for those groups to be added to the provisional licence.

Medicare will often cover a majority of the cost, but not the full cost. You'll need secondary insurance to cover the rest.

In this state, a no fault state, full coverage insurance covers the other vehicle if you are at fault.

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