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So long as your Auto Insurance is still in force your policy still covers you.

You should renew your license as soon as possible though as the Insurance company does check your drivers license and driving history regularly.

Should the company find that you have allowed your license to expire, they may decide to cancel your policy or decline to renew your policy on the assumption that you no are no longer a licensed driver and therefore do not need Auto Insurance.

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Q: Will your full cover insurance work if you have an expired licence?
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no, full coverage does

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Answer it will if you have full accident insurance Answer only if you have full coverage. Actually, it depends on whether or not the deer was in a pedestrian crosswalk. If it was, then your insurance will cover you as stated. However, if the deer was not in a crosswalk, then the deer's insurance will be liable.

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Yes.Thats what full coverage covers

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Call an insurance agent and he will sell you a policy.

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You have to have a full car licence or a full motor bike licence.

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