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Once a cheater always a cheater. She will not stop cheating. She broke the worst rule "honesty" between a couple. There is a difference between a person that makes a stupid mistake such as cheating and realizing what they did and being honest with their partner about it and one who simply gets caught. You caught her, she was't going to tell you, so yes, I think she'd do it again. Tell her to hit the bricks. You deserve better.

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How do you tell your girlfriend that im not going to cheat on her again?

Well, you cheated on her, right? How, in her mind, does that mean that you will cheat on her, but not lie to her about not doing it again? If I were her, I would run from you as fast as I could.

Do you cheat on your girlfriend if she cheated on you?

No, you say goodbye and find yourself another girlfriend who doesn't cheat.

What should I do since my long distance girlfriend cheated on me?

If she cheated once, she will cheat again. Find someone new closer to your home.

What do you do when your girlfriend cheated on you to teach a lesson of boundries?

Learn the lesson and don't cheat on her again, what is good for the goose is good for the gander,

Will he cheat on his new girlfriend if he has cheated on all his girlfriends?

I would say that you should always play the odds, if someone has cheated on everyone it is likely that they will cheat again. But you can try to make them stay faithful by finding out why they have cheated so much and try to keep them happy.

Why Michelle dibenedetto cheated to synyster gates?

Michelle didn't cheat on Synyster Gates - it was a girlfriend from school who cheated on him.

Did mikey fusco's girlfriend Montana cheat on him?

no montana never cheated on mikey

Should you still be your ex-boyfriend's friend if he cheated on you?

Of course not! If he can cheat once, he can always cheat again and again

If he has cheated once will he cheat again?

There is always a chance that he will cheat again but hopefully he would have learned his lesson from the first time

Will your wife cheat again if she cheated once before?

You wife cheated you once that is true. She will cheat on you again that depends on her. If she wants to stay loyal she will otherwise she simply will separate.

If a man cheated on a previous girlfriendwill he cheat on the next girlfriend?

There is no guarentee...but i wouldn't be suprised if he did

Your girlfriend cheated on you with her ex?

Talk to her about it. Then either dump her or keep her and work at whatever made her cheat on you.

Is there any guarantee that once a girlfriend has cheated she will never cheat again?

People are only human and some can make a mistakes by cheating once because they are unhappy in their relationship and they may never do it again. If the couple sit down and communicate their needs from each other there is a chance to save that relationship. If a girlfriend cheats more than once then they will probably cheat again. there are no guarantees.

Does Zac Efron cheat on girls?

Zac cheated on his girlfriend but there was a girl who he never cheat on and they dated it for five whole years.He really loved her.

What does it mean if I dream my girlfriend cheated on me?

it means you had a dream, perhaps induced in part by your own fear that she is or will cheat on you.

Should you trust someone that cheated on his girlfriend with you?

No it is something that should not be tolerated, as these types of cheats will always cheat gain. If not today they will very well cheat tomorrow on your girlfriend So best is not to have anything tom do with them.

Revenge on a guy who cheated on his girlfriend?

hurt him with the one thing he cares the most. find a way like if he has a girlfriend tell her what happen then ask her if she would cheat on him

Once a cheater always a cheater does that mean they will cheat again or just because they cheated they will be known as a cheater i told a married man this and he agreed with me but to which reasoning?

Yes, chances are he cheat again.

Do a guy loves his girlfriend if he willing to cheat on her and even mentions her to the other woman?

No, because of the fact that he cheated in the first place

If a guy cheated on you will he cheat again?

I don't know, you know guys.They not the same some are like that but some are not.

If a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you will he call?

Only when he wants to cheat again!

My girlfriend cheated on all of her ex's am I next?

Not necessarily. Perhaps you are the one she has been searching for? Sometimes it does work out that way. On the other hand, a person who has "cheated" before - especially if she thinks she got away with it? - may be more likely to cheat again. Maybe you are NOT the person she has been searching for, and will keep looking.

If he cheated to be with you will he eventually cheat on you?

if he cheated to be with you he would probably cheat on you so if i were you i would brek up with him when you get the chance to talk to him.

Should you be with your best friend even though it didnt work the first time and he has a girlfriend who cheated and your husband cheated on you?

I'm not sure as to what the cheating husband has to do with things, but yes. Definitely. The best idea for this situation is to cheat on the Girlfriend so that he can feel the same struugle of being cheated on so that it can bring you two closer in friendship.

Do husbands cheat right away if he has been cheated on or will he wait years?

He may not cheat. Just because he was cheated on does not mean he will sink to the level of whomever cheated on him (:|...).