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It should but it will heal faster with one.

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Q: Will your guinea pig's broken leg heal without a splint?
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If a guinea pig has a broken back will it heal?

If a human has a broken back will that heal? It is possible but very unlikely.

Is the fibrocartilage callus the first repair mass to splint the broken bone?

It is true that the fibrocartilage callus is the first repair mass to splint the broken bone. The bone will attempt to heal itself.

How do you heal a 4-month-old guinea pig's broken leg?

You give it time. Put it in a splint type thing, or take it to the vet, and give it time to heal. That's all I can say. Primary Advice: Take it to a vet. I don't want to be responsible for your Guinea Pig's leg to heal twisted or sideways.DO NOT TRY TO PUT A SPLINT ON THE LEG.You need to take the little guy to a vet as soon as possible do not try anything your self, if you try to heal the injury on your own you could make the broken bone worse and cause it to reform in the wrong position causing the guinea pigs leg to become usless. I wish you and your piggy well good luck. ;)you should not try to heal your pig yourself.

How long do you leave a splint on a dogs broken leg?

If the dog's leg is actually broken, then there should be a cast on the leg instead of a splint. A broken bone on a dog can take as long to heal as a broken bone on a person, which is approximately six weeks. If you believe you dog's leg is broken, but haven't yet taken the dog to the vet, please do so immediately; a splint is simply not adequate to help the bone mend. If your dog already has a splint, then wait for the vet to remove it.

How do you treat a broken wrist?

You set it, put it in a cast or a splint, wait for it to heal, then have physiotherapy to get the strength and range of motion back.

What do you do with a broken thumb?

Well , first you will have to get a temporary splint and then get a real one so it will heal in about 2 months...just be careful with your thumb!

Can a broken thumb be treated?

A broken thumb can be treated. A doctor can place the bone back in place if needed. The thumb is usually put in a cast or a splint so it can heal properly.

What did pioneers do to heal a broken leg?

What ever they could. With luck, there'd be someone around to "set the bone" - pull it back into alignment. Then they'd splint it, leave it be and hope it'd heal right.

Can broken bones in puppies foot heal without surgery?


How do you heal a chickens broken foot?

If a chickenâ??s foot or leg is broken, then a splint should be applied to the foot. Usually, a fracture of a leg or foot is splinted with special tape. However, a veterinarian should be consulted.

What are the two steps necessary to heal a broken bone?

First, the broken bone pieces have to be realigned so that they are in the correct position (which is the position they were in before they broke) and then, the bone has to be set, or stabilized with a cast or splint, so that the pieces remain aligned and do not become misaligned again before they have a chance to heal.

How does a fractured bone heal?

Usually with a cast or splint depending on how bad it is.

How can you heal a chickens broken leg?

As soon as possible you need to immobilize the chicken and splint the leg. position the leg straight, and pad the splint so it will not rub. popsicle sticks are a convenient item to make a splint out of. make sure the splint will not poke or irritate anywhere, and keep the chicken in a small cage or even a box for at least a week. During this time make sure he has plenty of food and clean water available. Since chickens cant see in the dark, if he was in a box you'd have to take him out a couple times a day to feed and water him. Check the splint often, and change it if anything seems wrong. keep an eye out for infection if the skin is broken- antibiotics may be needed. Chickens can heal amazingly fast. I would keep a splint on for at least 2 weeks, I dont know how long it takes for chicken bones to heal. Human ones take 6 weeks.

Do bandages really help a broken arm?

Bandages do not, however a cast or splint will. The key on a broken bone is to keep it stable and immobile to allow it to heal. If it is a compound fracture, bandages are used to stop bleeding and protect the wound from further damage.

What is the purpose of using the splint?

It keeps the bone in place so it can heal properly.

Why would the vet not put a splint on a green stick fracture?

unless the fracture was so small it would heal quickly (a week or two) there would be no reason not to splint it. if a splint was necessary, and the vet wouldn't splint the fracture, go to a different vet.

How long does it take for a broken pelvis to heal?

how long does it take a broken pelvis to heal

Why does doctor put a cast or splint around a broken bone?

It is necessary for the pieces of the broken bone to remain in the correct position, for them to become reconnected to each other and to heal correctly, so that the healed bone has the same shape that it used to have before it broke.

Will calcium tablets help heal a broken bone?

yes, it helps to heal the broken bone

When splinting the joint the injury should be immobilized?

When a joint is in a splint it should be immobilized for the amount of time that a physician tells you. The splint allows the injured joint to heal properly.

Can you heal a guinea pig alone?

I would not recommend you to heal a guinea pig at home. You should bring your guinea pig to a local animal hospital. Healing a guinea pig alone can cause germs going into the guinea pig. That can be harmful for your pet.

How long does it take for a broken toe to heal?

Most broken toes will heal on their own. It can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to completely heal.

How broken bones heal?

The broken bone that heal are your fingers, legs, ankle,arms,foot , and your elbo. These are the only bones in your body that are able to heal.

What do people do to heal a broken bone?

---- They put a plaster to heal it.

How do you heal a guinea pig?

go to the vet.