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There is no scientific evidence that lifting weights can reduce your growth rate.

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Q: Will your height stop if you lift weight over your head?
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I can lift ab29 kilogram weight over my head ten times before I get tired. write this measurement to the correct number of significantfigures.?

"I can lift 280 Newton over my head ten times before I get tired."

Are you over weight if you 5'2 and 111 pounds?

No you need your head examined if you think you are. With that height and weight, you only have a BMI of 20.3 - definitely far from overweight

What is a good wingspan to height ratio for a plane?

The wing span of the plan has nothing to do with the height of the air craft, it is more in line with weight and length than the height and even then it is mostly has to do with the weight. You see in order to get into the air you need what is called lift. Lift is obtain by passing wind over the wings causing the craft to literally lift of the ground, when you take gravity and the weight of the craft into consideration then you can start looking at the wing span. Now that being said you also must take thrust into consideration. Since you can lift a lot of weight off the ground with smaller wing span if you have enough thrust pushing you forward creating enough wind over/under the wings causing lift. There is still much more answer to this question of wing span but in a nut shell that's it.

How much can a gorilla lift over his head?

More than you.

In height how much will a 2 and a half lift kit put you up?

2 inch lift kits are normally sold as lift blocks so they will lift the vehicle exactly 2 inches. Larger lift kits that achieve their lift with replacement springs will have some variability. This is due to sag over time as well as variations in the exact overall weight of the vehicle.

If a girl that is 11 and is 140 pounds is tat over weight or under weight?

that is very over weight but it depends on ur height

How old do you have to be to lift heavy weights?

you can lift weights just don't go over the your weight lifting limit

You are fourteen and your weight is 167 is that normal or are you over weight?

You need a longer question. Boy? Girl? Height? This depends on you height and sex.

What are the uses of a single pulley?

AnswerA single pulley can change the direction of a pulling line. The direction change may help in pulling the line over a corner or around an obstacle. Or the direction change may allow better use of the available pulling force. Also, the single pulley can relocate the pulling point.For example, suppose we wish to lift a weight some distance into the air. If I am the pulling force, then my first problem is that I cannot lift the weight any higher than I can reach. But if the pulling line is looped over a pulley some distance above my head, relocating the pulling point, I can potentially lift the weight just about up to the pulley's height. And now the pulley has given me another advantage. I can leverage my own weight, pulling down on the line, to lift the weight upward.

Is 116 ibs over weight for 12?

Depends on your height.

What can caused headaches while you do weight training exercises?

If you have high blood pressure heavy weight lifting can cause headache's as well as using improper form to lift weights over your head can sometimes give you a headache.

What if your height is 5'5 your weight is 144lbs your be over weight?

Depends if you are a man or woman. With a man it might be a little bit over weight. If you are a woman it is probably over weight unles you are curvy.

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