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Yes, Your homeowners Insurance policy, (unless you have Fire Only) should respond to damages to your home from an automobile.


i am an insurance agent and if you have a hit and run such as that description and you do have a homeowners policy. it will be covered under the policy, you will have to pay your deductible and it will go onto your records as a loss but they will pay the damages that are above your deductible, now they will have to prove that it wasnt one your cars doing the damages so you can get a new brick wall and that it wasnt because your wall was old and just fell. and trust me they have their way of proving that.

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Q: Will your homeowners insurance cover damages caused by a hit and run driver who smashes into your brick wall fence?
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Will homeowners insurance cover damage to personal vehicles at the home caused by someone else?

Homeowners insurance covers what is inside the home. Check your auto insurance for auto damages.

Will homeowners Insurance cover medical expenses to others caused by your pet?

Not likely. Most homeowners insurance policies these days automatically exclude coverage for injuries or damages resulting from pet ownership.

Should homeowners insurance cover water damage that was caused before you moved in?

No. Your policy will only cover damages which were caused by a covered loss during the policy period.

Does home insurance usually cover repairs to storm damages?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover repairs caused by storm damage, however you will have to check your policy to be certain. Usually, you will have a fixed amount of time to claim damages.

Does homeowners insurance cover the cost of cleanup after an unattended death?

No. Your Homeowners insurance is "Property" insurance. It covers property damages caused by certain covered Perils such as Fire, Wind, Hail, Lightning, Fire etc. You will not find coverage on your Home Insurance Policy for death or related expenses.

Will homeowners insurance cover damages caused by structural defects?

No. If your house been built fairly recently, then the contractor who built your house may be lible for damages. If he is a licensed contractor, then he will (should!) be bonded, which should cover the damages.

Does homeowners insurance cover a shopping cart hitting a car by a person?

Automobiles are covered by Auto Insurance. If you have full coverage auto it will repair any damages caused to your vehicle by the shopping cart, minus your deductible of course. Homeowners Insurance does not cover automobiles, if it did, we would have no need for car insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover damaged wall caused by an angry family member?

Not if the person lives in the home. An insured cannot be liable against themselves.

Does homeowners insurance cover electrical damage caused by my pet?

It will ultimately depend on the language of your insurance policy, Damages resulting from our choice of pet ownershp are typically not covered. This is because your home insurance is designed to cover losses that are accidental, unplanned or unexpected in nature. Damages caused by pets are generally considered a normal and expected part of pet ownership.

How much can a person sue for a dog bite?

Both can sue for medical expenses and any disfigurement, scars and such also Punitive damages, punitive damages are meant to punish the person that caused the harm and if they have homeowners insurance they could be sued for several thousand in punitive damages.

Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage caused by a visitor?

Yes, Homeowners insurance typically does provide coverage for losses that result from an accidental fire.

Is scabies covered on homeowners insurance?

Of course not. Scabies is a skin condition caused by a type of mite. There is not way that this would be covered under a homeowners insurance policy

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