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A homeowners policy will cover damage done by a covered cause. It does not cover maintenance as the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the home. Septic pipe damage is almost always the result of lack of maintenance. I cannot think of any way that septic pipe would be damaged by a covered cause. Perhaps if a storm blew down trees and the falling over of the trees caused the uprooting of parts of the septic pipe. This would be a covered cause.

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Q: Will your homeowners insurance cover your septic pipe?
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Will homeowners insurance cover for broken pipe in concrete slab?

Most will if it is in the slab. Where it can get tricky is when the pipe in in the yard.

Does homeowners insurance cover galvanized pipe?

Sure, as long as the damage was from a covered cause. The key to homeowners insurance is that the damage is due to a covered cause. If you a re searching to see if your insurance will pay for replacing the pipe because of lack of maintenance, no it will not. Maintenance is not covered on a homeowners policy.

Will homeowners cover a collapsed sewer pipe?


Does homeowners cover a broken pipe in the ceiling?

I presume you mean 'homeowner's insurance'. Some contracts do cover it, some don't. You will have to look at the small print in your own policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover water damage from a broken pipe?

You need to turn this claim in, it all depends on your policy form, the perils, exclusions etc.

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing repair to a leaking pipe behind a wall in the house?

AnswerIt may vary state to state but generally NO insurance will not cover the leaking pipe but it will cover the cost to get to it and repair the damage done to get to it as well as cover the damage done from the leak. You are on your own with the cost of the plumber. Best bet is to read your policy on exclusions. If it is not excluded, it's covered.

Will homeowners insurance cover a collapsed pipe?

You'll have to contact your insurance agent and ask them, There are many different levels of Homeowners Insurance and it really depends on the breadth of coverage you purchased. As a general rule though. If the pipe collapsed due to a covered peril then it would be covered. If it collapsed due to age or normal wear and tear then it will likely not be covered due to it's being a maintenance issue.

Will your homeowners insurance cover a leaking pipe in an interior wall that has gone undetected until now that there is mold growing?

It depends on what state you live in and what exact policy you have. Some policies in certain states will cover this, others will not. You will have to refer to your specific policy and its endorsements. There are hundreds of variations on homeowners policies and endorsements between states and insurance companies..

Will homeowners insurance cover the additional cost of the water be covered from a leak?

What? The question does not make sense but nearly all policies cover damage from leaking pipes, unless the pipe was exposed and you knew it was leaking and ignored it.

Will homeowners insurance cover cost of replacing water pipe that has frozen and burst?

As long is the loss itself is covered than yes it is one of the few situations many homeowners policies provide compensation for the plumbing system or appliance that fails.

Will homeowners insurance cover a broken water pipe in a yard?

Probibly not, would have to be a rupture to be covered under most policies. If its just old and rusted then no coverage. Some insurance companies will exclude any pipe outside of the house. need more info about policy to asses situation.

Does home warranty cover underfloor pipe replacement?

Depend on your insurance policy. Most standard policies that i have done thru insurance companies do not cover the pipe. They cover the damage the water or leak causes to the surrounding surfaces. The pipe and plumbing repairs are almost always not a part of the insurance coverage.

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