Will your legal same-sex marriage performed in California be accepted in Baja California Mexico?

The answer is technically yes, but you will encounter much resistance. The federal government will definitely accept your California license for various purposes, including immigration, in case you are immigrating to Mexico.

The state government is bound by an order of the Constitutional Court of Mexico to honor out-of-state (and out-of-country) same-sex marriages. However, no same-sex couples are permitted to marry in Baja California. Also, you should know that local officials who feel strongly about the issue (and many do) will think nothing of violating your rights under the Mexican Constitution and dismissing your marriage as not legal in Baja California. Your only recourse is to obtain a federal court order forcing the local official to honor your marriage. The courts routinely give out these orders, but this is not the kind of passtime you want to engage in if you are merely on vacation.