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Will your new typeface company Filmmakers Type Symbols Inc. be established?


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June 22, 2015 12:38AM

Yes, of course! "Filmmakers Type Symbols, Inc." is finally being established around 2016, because of the revival of America's motion picture and television industry (which started at the end of 2014, and beginning of 2015); the fact is that approx.1,200 symbol fonts are being created and inspired by either each family feature-length movie or each non-family feature-length movie, featuring characters that are mostly all of the end credit symbols from most movies identified as characters, either reversed and forward or just-straight (with extras being clipart taken from each movie). Approx. 200 are being created by a new typeface designer living in Chicago, which is probably each year for 6 years.

It is definitely going to happen; also, news will be reported and sources will be given very soon.