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The insurance company has no reason to raise your premium, the situation was completely out of your hands.

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Q: Will your premiums increase with no-fault insurance if someone hits you when your car is parked?
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What would make a mortgage insurance premium increase?

There are many things that would make a mortgage insurance premium increase. Mortgage insurance is used when someone dies and pays money so that the mortgage will be paid. Smoking or participating in dangerous activities will increase the premiums.

Where can someone compare the premiums for different companies vehicle insurance?

Someone is able to compare the premiums for different vehicle insurance companies at a company called Progressive, where one is able to compare other top car insurance rates.

What should one know before buying home insurance?

Someone should know a number of things before buying home insurance such as what the insurance covers, what it doesn't cover, the price of premiums, and whether or not they can increase if a claim is made.

Are there limitations for someone over 70 buying travel insurance?

There are some limitations for customers that are over the age of 70 for buying travel insurance. Many companies increase the premiums for customers over the age of 70.

Is it possible to pay someone else's insurance premiums with your credit card?

Certainly, if that insurance companie excepts that form of payment

Is it legal to pay someone else's life insurance premiums?

yes it is hope i helped lexi xx

If you were at fault for a minor accident and police report was filed will the insurance companies find out and increase premiums even if both sides agreed not to notify their insurances companies?

I rear ended someone and totaled her car, she was taken to the hospitaland my insurance did not change. I do have a driving record with no other blemishes.

Does Geico offer New Jersey car insurance for bad drivers?

Geico does offer insurance for someone with a less then perfect driving record. The Premiums are fairly large although for someone with strikes on their record.

What if someone drives your car and has an accident?

Your insurance rate will increase.

Are their any tests to see if someone is using tobacco products?

Yes, insurance companies test for cigarette use before deciding to give you life insurance or to decide how high your premiums will be.

Would a life insurance company cancel a policy if someone is unable to pay premiums that is in the hopital with terminal cancer in an unconcious state?

Any life insurance policy can be cancelled by an insurance company for non-payment of premium. Check with the company to see if her policy contains a "waiver of premium" feature. If it does, she does not have to pay the premiums, and may even be entitled to a refund for premiums paid during her extended illness. Alternately, if her policy contains cash value or accumulated dividends, these may be used to pay premiums. Good luck

If someone hits your car in a parking lot and runs without leaving a note will your insurance premiums increase even though you are not at fault?

See if the place where you were hit at has cameras that survey the parking lot. Maybe you can see who hit you. Good luck and God Bless:)

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