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Can you hear me crying? What could have been a $1000+ gun is now probably worth about $250 (more or less).

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What is the value Winchester 1894 1950?

Well it depends on the condition, if it is a long gun or a carbine , or has the saddle ring on the left side. which would be the most valuble. if the rifle is not reblued or the stocks redone and is about 95% condition some collector might pay as high as $800.

What is the value of Winchester Model 38-55 serial number 20698?

That is a very early gun in one of the original calibers for that model. Value is dependant upon originality, condition, and any special order features. Could range from $350 (badly rusted/broken/poorly reblued) to well over $1000 for fine condition.

What is Model Stevens 15-B worth?

I bought one in decent condition a few days ago for $100. The stock was in good condition, the receiver needed bluing touchup, and the triggerguard needed buffed and reblued

Would like to know value of 1873 Springfield trapdoor 45-70 in very good condition but shows to have been reblued?

100-500 USD or so

How can tell if a rifle has been reblued?

Check the stampings for buffing or rounding.

What year was your Remington model 03-A3 model number 3435968 made and value?

serial #3435968 was made in January, 1943 and the value can go from $200-700 Depending on condition. Sporterized, reblued, bad barrel or stock condition,are at the bottom of the barrel as far as price.

Model 12 Winchester Shotgun made in 1950's should I get it reblued or keep it original?

DO NOT BLUE THE WIN. MOD. 12 SHOTGUN........................PERIOD Win Mod 12 has great collector value. Almost No collector value if gun is blued. BobSells

What is the value of a Colt New Service 357 34XXXX Excellent condition but reblued?

The reblue, even if factory, destroyed any collector value. As a shooter, it's worth about 100-300 USD, depending on how good the reblue is.

How much is a Colt single-action army 38 special 5 inch matching serial numbers 167652 black hard rubber grips in very good condition I cannot tell if it has been reblued?

value would depend on overall condition. a picture might show that.............

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 25-35 serial 713524 no saddle ring has side scope mounted moderate condition working condition considering having it reblued and stock refinished?

It was manufactured in 1914, but to assign a value we would need to know * the condition (amount of remaining original finish) * originality (any replaced, repaired or added parts) * the configuration (sporting rifle, deluxe rifle, carbine, or eastern carbine) * any special order features (special sights, engraving, etc) The scope maounts are going to reduce its value unless they are a factory ordered option. Although this does not qualify as an antique by BATF regulations, it would be considered collectable, and unless it is an absolute basket case, its value would be reduced if refinished or reblued. A professional restoration might improve the value, but would cost more than the value of the restored gun.

What is the value of a Colt M1911 serial number 380436 with original World War 1 holster and two magazines?

Depends on originality and condition. Could easily be worth into the thousands of dollars if absolutely original and in collectable condition. If it has been modified or reblued, value drops under $500 fast.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Winchester Model 12 made in 1929 or 1930 serial 625936 in very good condition that has been professionally reblued?

'Professionally reblued' does not tell us much. Model 12 shotguns from that time frame were not originally blued using the modern hot-salt bath method. If your gun has been polished and blued using the hot salt method the color and degree of polish will be incorrect and value will top out at $250 as a shooter. If the gun has been heavily polished with markings obliterated, straight edges rounded, etc, the value will be even less. If the gun has been prepped correctly and then RUST-blued, it still might bring $350-$400.

Will it hurt the value to have a 1943-1948 Winchester Model 94 reblued and refinished if it will not be sold and you just want the finish renewed for sentimental reasons?

Yes, it will diminish the value to another collector, but if its sentimental value is greater than its monetary value to you, it makes no difference. It's your firearm, so do what you want with it.

What is value of Winchester model 1894 lever action 26 inch round barrel serial number 344281?

Your rifle was made in 1906. Standard barrels were round or octagonal, 24 or 26". The stock should be straight (no pistol grip). The Blue Book of Gun Values lists it from $1,950 in 98% condition to $350 in 10% condition. "Condition" refers to original condition (not reblued or altered). Add 20% for the takedown vaiation, 30-60% for deluxe models depending on original condition, and @ 20% for calibers other than .30-30 (30 WCF) or .32 Special. You may want to take this one to a very reputable gun shop for examination and appraisal. (Note that the Blue Book prices are retail. If you sell it to dealer he'll need some room to make his profit).

Fire arms does it affect the value if the gun is reblued?

Yes, especially if it is a collectors item type of fire arm.

What would a colt 1911 us army serial number 622088 be worth in good condition?

the 1911pistols have increased over the years. value depends on overall condition. your 1911 Colt was made in 1919. If you look up 1911's in Gunbroker. com, you will find condition and prices.

What is the Winchester model 1892 sn 207880 worth?

The value,s I am going to quote are for a rifle that is all original and has not been reblued or the stock refinished.a rifle in only 30% original condition would be valued at 575.00 dollars.this can go as high as one with a 80% original finish,which would be valued at 1,900.00 dollars.If you have a carbine model it would be worth 300.00 dollars more than the stated rifle prices across the board that I listed above.By the way your model 1892 was made in 1902.

Did my gun go down in value first generation SAA Colt 45 was reblued?

re-blue deminishes gun value..................

Can you send a gun to Remington to have it reblued?

Contact Remington Customer Service through their website. Or call them at 1-800-243-9700

What is the price range of a Winchester 1892 38.40 lever action and what to look for when buying?

Many original Winchester model 1892 saddle ring carbines are selling in the range of 1,500 dollars,with a original finish remaining in the range of 50-60%.The rifle specimens are ranging in price from 1,100 dollars on up to 2,000 dollars,depending if the rifle in question has any special order features such as custom wood,checkered wood,different style butt stocks(shotgun style),and a half magazine,this will drive up the value of these fine made Winchester lever action rifles.I advise people to watch and see if the rifles in question appear to show there age(wood finish,and blueing).If they appear worn then this is honest wear that shows thru time and use.If the rifle appears in too good of condition,then at some point in time it has been reblued,or the stocks have been refinished.Asaying goes,if it appears to good to be true,then it usually is.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Police Positive Target Pistol that has been reblued?

200-300 USD. Maybe a little more if Colt did the reblue and you can prove it.

What is the value and caliber of a Winchester Model 1892 serial 95650 manufactured Oct 14 1884 with a nickel-steel barrel?

That is the patent date, not a birthdate. If that is the correct serial number, it was made in 1894 (2nd year of production). The big problem is that is way too early for the 'NICKEL STEEL' marking you undoubtedly are reading off of the left side of the barrel. That leads me to believe your gun has been rebarrelled at some point, and who knows what else was done. By the way, the caliber is marked on the barrel as well. As for value, that rebarrelling hurts it a whole lot, possibly as much as 50% of its value if it were all original. If it was reblued as well (which it probably was), and especially if this were done anywhere other than the Winchester factory, you are looking at a $350 "shooter."

What is the value of a US Springfield Armory model 1903 Serial 869566?

Value will depend heavily on condition, and whether it has been altered, reblued, restocked, drilled and tapped for a scope, etc. A value could be anywhere from $200 to $1,000. You will need a hands on assessment. Take your (unloaded) rifle to a reputable gun shop or a gun show near you.

What is the value of a browning twenty A5 with serial number 3Z 75936 Has belgium ribbed barrel engraving gold trigger reblued and gun is in excellent condition?

The value will be mainly determined by engraving. Who did it? Is it factory or aftermarket? Was it special ordered? Any accessories come with it? What type of wood used in the stock? Value range could be 100-1000 USD or more.

What is the age and value of a 30-30 Winchester Model 94 serial 1175583 in excellent condition?

It was made in 1939. As for the value, like all Winchesters (and old firearms, in general), its all in the details of its exact configuration and the details of its condition. And most important of all, whether it has been "messed" with (ie reblued, refinished wood, drilled and tapped for scopemount etc. original sights etc.) The question of value is a huge and very complicated one and you would need to have it appraised by an experienced Winchester collector/historian. This will cost you $50 to $100 and you shouldn't sell it to the guy who appraises it after he is done, under any circumstances. If he offers to buy it for his appraised value, then add 30%-50% to the value he gave you and walk!!!! Unless it is a "rust bucket" or a "basket case" (completely used-up), it has a value of between $250.00 (for parts, which could be sold on eBay including the reciever, which would have to be sold on a firearms auction site)and thousands of dollars, depending on the above variables.