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Winchester model 770 30-06 bolt is this a single shot rifle also whats it worth in great shape?



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well I'm not sure the exact price in great shape but i can pretty much guarentee you that if you want to sell it for an even semi reasonable price I'll buy it!!!! my grandfather bought one brand new for little over $300 back when moby dick was a guppy and then passed it to my father before his passing and then in the winter of 1994 he passed it again to me. and unfortunately we lost the rifle, among many others, in a house fire the following July. that rifle killed more deer in it's 30 or so years than you would believe.the 770 in my experience is the most accurate and one of the best build hunting rifles i have ever had the pleasure of firing. and now after a few years in the U.S.M.C. as a militarypoliceman and now returned home in the backwoods of Pennsylvania and now in the reserves i would like to again find one of theese fine firearms back in my posession to oneday pass to my son as it was passed to me. unfortunately the 770 30-06 is as rare as hens teeth usually all you find is the .270. i will reserch how much they are going for theese days and try to get back to you with a price i ask you to please e-mail me at with your e-mail and maybe we touch base that way

fellow gun collecter in pa

Sgt Dixon U.S.M.C