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There simply is not enough information here to give a good answer. Caliber, condition, & grade can have a huge effect on the value of this early model 94 (actually this firearm, assuming the s/n listed is correct, should be marked M# 1894). Rare configurations can also run up the value. A standard grade firearm, with no extras, in very, very good condition in 30-30 caliber should bring arouind $2000 to a knowledgeable seller. That same firearn with about 50% of its original finish left might net as much as $750. Both of these est. assume that the firearm is in good working order. High grade guns, delux wood, checkering, engraving, ect., especially if in calibers other than 30-30 or 32 special can increase the value considerably. These values assume you sell the firearm to a private party and not to a dealer, who must make a profit. If you do not consider yourself a knowledgeable seller, and this is a high grade firearm, you might consider contacting a dealer who specializes in handling high grade guns.

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Q: Winchester model 94 serial 202059 worth?
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