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Windiest country in the world?


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It's Canada,Antartica and in Europe it's Britain.


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Antarctica Antarctica is not a country. The windiest place on Earth is Cape Blanco in Oregon, United States.

Although not a country, Antarctica is easily the windiest place on the planet. Other than this, no country is recognized as the windiest one in the world. There are several windy cities spread throughout Earth, as there is one in the USA and New Zealand for example. The UK is also regarded as the windiest country in Europe.

No it is not. Wellington in New Zealand is the windiest harbor in the world. I work in Maalaea and it is the 2nd windiest in the world.

Antarctica is the driest and windiest desert in the world.

The driest continent is Antarctica which is a desert. It is also the coldest, iciest, windiest, and the most elevated continent.

No. Perth, in Western Australia, is the third windiest city in the world after Chicago and Auckland. It is not the windiest location on earth, however. Fascinating Earth states that svientists have named Commonwealth Bay, at George V Coast just south of Australia, as the windiest place in the world, and the "Home of the Blizzard."

The windiest continent is Antarctica. :)

The windiest mountain in the world is located on Barrow Island in Australia. It broke the highest speed wind record in 1996 when winds reached 253 miles per hour.

The windiest terrestrial planet is Mars.

Windiest state is Arizona because AIR-i-zona

need to know the months in maine that are the windiest?

Cape Blanco is the windiest place in Oregon.

The continent of Antarctica is the windiest place on earth.

Perth, capital of Australia, is the windiest city in Australia.

yes, Neptune is the windiest planet in the solar system.

Antarctica is the coldest & windiest place on earth/

Type your answer here... Mt Washington NH

Antarctica, which is also the highest, darkest and windiest continent.

So windy that not many people bothered to measure it :)

Wellington in new Zealand is first and Perth is the third

I heard Ma'alea Harbor on Maui, Hawai'i was the windiest boat harbor.

Many people say that Boulder, CO as the windiest city in Colorado.

According to CNN Europe, it is the UK. Link: In particular Scotland, its very far north and has a high mean elevation, unlike Northern Ireland and England.

No, Saturn is the world's windiest planet in the solar system.

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