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Wired Trailer lights now no lights on escape 2005 escape?


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if wired trailer lights means:you wired a trailer/tow harness into your factory harness.

There is only 2 answers that come to mind.

1. You've blown a fuse.

2. You wired your trailer/tow harness in wrong.

So... If you possibly wired it in wrong, you'll need to start over again.

The best place to start is to pull out the trailer/tow harness & put the Escape's harness back together like it was before you started. Then check all lights & fuse's.

If all's well, this is the color code you'll need to use to hook-up your basic 4-wire trailer/tow harness.

Key Code:

The left side of the code is your trailer/tow harness.

& the right side of the code is your escape's harness.

YELLOW-to-YELLOW (pass. sd. stop-turn light)

GREEN-to-GREEN (driver sd. stop-turn light)

BROWN-to-BROWN (park/running lights)

WHITE-to-WHITE/w-Black stripe (ground).

This should git you happly towing in no time.

(P.S. there should be a tow wire kit avalible for your escape. Call your Ford dealer for the part no#. With the part no# you can git more cheaply elsewhere.)

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