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Q: Wiring diagram for 1979 trans am tach?
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What color is the tach wire?

You need a wiring diagram for that answer. each vehicle is different.

How to check a tachometer?

tachometer quit working - all else on the fuse works. where is the tach sender? Is it possible to check the tach and sender without removing the instrument cluster? where do I find the wiring diagram for the tach and sender? auto: MB300TE, 1991 GASOLINE

What can you tell you about a tach gauge on a 1992 f 250 that works some time and some time it will not and trans will not work right when tach is not?

You could possibly have some common wiring or computer problems that affect the tach and transmission. Run a code check on the computer to see if any problems. show up.

A wiring diagram for 1968 Pontiac Firebird hood tach?

I need the pinout for a 1968 Pontiac Firebird hood tachometer. Specifically, the tach side connector. I have three wires coming from the engine side and seven off the tach. One broke off and can't immediately see where it was. Help?

What is the wiring diagram for the alternator on a 1969 175 Massey Ferguson?

how do you hook up a alternator on a 175 Massey Ferguson tractor with tach drive on it the plug has been cut off..

Why does your tach work but not your speedometer on a 92 Jeep Wrangler?

Tach is driven by a motor signal, speedo is from the trans the sensor is bad on the transmission

Can a disconnected or broken TACH wire from the HEI distributor cap cause a '79 trans am not to start?

Yes, a disconnected or broken TACH wire from the HEI distributor cap can cause a '79 trans to fail to start.

Were does the green wire go to when wiring a tach toa 350 Chevrolet?

negative side of the coil

What color s the tach wire on a 1978 Pontiac trans am?

At the dist there should be one to power the dist. & one for tach signal. Unplug one & see if car starts or if tach still works. Can't really remember for sure as its been a while lol. My 1972 tach wire is brown and it has a inline fuse from the factory. Your tach wire will be connected to the negative side of your terminal witch is labeled "tach".

Does the live wire from the ignition key go to the bat terminal and a live wire from the starter go to the tach terminal on a hei distributor for 350 Chevy in a boat with non standard wiring?

You do need a switched live to the bat terminal, but not to the tach terminal. The tach terminal is the negative side of the coil, the bat terminal is the positive side of the coil. Normally the tach terminal is for the green wire from the tach.

What causes the tach on a 1995 ford explorer Eddie Bauer to read erratic?

possibly a bad ground check your wiring

How do you wire a Tachometer in a 1991 Dodge Colt 1.5 liter?

Buy an instrument panel with a tach from a junkyard. The wiring is in place and is plug and play.

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