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NTFS is almost always the best choice, especially for partitions over 32 GB. FAT32 is far slower on large volumes and more prone to fragmentation.

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Q: With Windows XP if you want to add a second hard drive just for data what type of partition should it be?
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Explain the difference between the windows boot partition and the windows system partition?

The system partition is the active partition of the hard drive and it contains the OS boot record. The boot partition is the partition where the Windows operating system is stored.

Windows 2000XP is installed using a system partition and a boot partition Which of these partitions must be the active partition of the hard drive?

Drive C ---- (The boot partition)

How do you partition drive to have XP and Windows 7 on it?

When you are getting ready to install the OS, either Windows 7 or Windows XP. It has an option to Format or Partition a hard drive. If you use the partition function you can decide how much you want to take out of the hard drive storage.

Which Windows hard drive partition is referred to as the C drive?

The C drive in Windows Operating System is the partition on which the OS is installed. It also contains installation files for other programs.

How do you remove a hard drive partition on windows vista?

There are several tutorials on YouTube which will show you exactly how to remove a partition. Removing a hard drive partition on Windows Vista will create an empty space that you can use to install a new partition. Be aware that it will also delete all data that is on the partition.

Windows XP is installed using a system partition and a boot partition Which of these partitions must be the active partition of the hard drive?

System partition

In a windows 2000 xp is installed using a system partition and a boot partition Which of the partitions must be the active partition of the hard drive?

boot partition

When setting windows 7 when should hard drive be partition?

Always should the drive be partitioned. As NTFS for Windows 7. You can edit partitions while installing Windows through the installation menu or command prompt, or in diskmanager after the operating system is installed.

Do you need to partition your drive to install Windows 98?

Of course you need to partition your drive. If you already have installed Windows XP You need to make a new partition for win98 formated FAT32. WinXP use NTFS formatting.

What is a hdc6 partition?

in Linux this is the second logical drive inthe extended partition on the primary slave hard drive

How do you install windows 7 on your PC with windows XP?

you need to create a partition on your hard drive then put 7 on the partition and then get easy bcd 1.7.2

What drive is the letter C usually reserved for in Windows?

The first hard drive or partition.

What utility is used to partition a new hard drive in Windows 98?

The Command-line interface (CMD) can be used to partition a new hard drive.

How can you tell how many partitions your hard drive has?

If the computer has a windows operating system and the hard disk has more than one partition, My Computer or Windows Explorer will show each partition as a local drive. For instance, if you have two partitions, My Computer or Windows Explorer will show partition #1 as Local drive c:\, and partition #2 as local drive d:\, and will bump the CD or DVD drive to the next available letter, in this case e:\, and so on.

Where can you get a free recovery disc for a Toshiba satellite with windows 7 premium?

There should be a recovery partition on the hard-drive. There is on mine !

How do you disable a drive partition in Windows 98?

You can not disable a partition in Windows 98 but you can remove it(everything on the partition will be lost if not saved beforehand on a cdr-rw or another hard drive). Boot up with a windows 98 floppy with th Operating System on it and the the Fdisk.exe file on it. At the "A" prompt, type "fdisk" and press enter. When the fdisk screen pops up, first be sure which partition you want to delete (D,E etc)so you don't delete the partition with your operating system on it (the "C" drive). Once you have determined which partition is to be deleted, follow the onscreen instructions to remove the correct one. When finished, close out the program and reboot the system and the partition should be gone.

Im trying to format my hard drive but i cant delete the partition for windows xp?

If you are sure you want to delete the windows xp partition then you can use the windows CD to do the job.Boot the machine with the CD in the drive and you should get the option to format the drive.Just be sure this is what you want as you will lose all your data stored on the drive.

Can you have a mac OS on a hard drive and windows on another?

Yes you can have the Mac OS on one drive and Windows on another drive. Or you can partition a single hard drive and have both on the same drive.

What program allows Windows 9x to partition a drive?

FAT 32

How do you access the C drive from a Linux terminal?

Linux does not identify drives or partitions with letters. To Windows, "C:" is the partition that the running version of Windows is currently installed on, regardless of how many partitions are on the disk. Linux identifies partitions based on the order they are placed on the disk. For instance, the second partition on the first hard drive would be /dev/sda2 or /dev/hda2. In order to access a Windows partition,you will need to identify what partition it is actually on. A quick way to do this is to run cfdisk /dev/sda or cfdisk with whatever hard drive it is on if you have more than one. A Windows partition will have the type of either NTFS or FAT32. To mount it, create a directory (such as /mnt/windows), and use the command mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/windows substituting of course the correct partition.

Where to find ntldr in windows 7?

NTLDR will default to \Windows on the first partition of the first hard drive.

You are installing a 2nd HDD with another OS do you need to partition?

All hard drives must have at least one partition to be usable by an operating system, even if the partition uses the entire drive. If you are installing an operating dissimilar from the one you are using currently (ie. Windows XP and FreeBSD), you should partition the disk from that system's installer, not in Windows.

How do you enable two OS boot option?

If on a PC, create a new partition on your main hard drive. Install the second OS on the new partition. On your next reboot it should ask you which partition you wish to boot to.

How can you install Windows XP if you already have Mandriva Linux?

If you wish to keep Mandriva, and you do not have an empty space available on the hard drive, you will need to shrink Mandriva's partition, using a partition editor like GParted. Windows will only install to the first partition of the drive, though the partition can be moved. So you will need to shrink Mandriva's partition from the end, towards the beginning of the partition, and then move it towards the end of the drive. Move the swap partition as well. You can then create an NTFS partition, or use the Windows installer to do so. After Windows has been installed, boot from a Mandriva LiveCD, and enter the following commands: grub root (hdx,x) setup (hdx) quit For "root (hdx,x)", the first x is for the hard drive number. If you have only one hard drive, this will be 0. For the second x, use whatever partition Mandriva is installed on. If it is the third partition, use "2". If it is the second, use 1. If it is the fourth, use 3, and so on. For "setup (hdx)", use the number of the hard drive you want the MBR (Master Boot Record) written to. If you have only one hard drive, this will be 0.

Can you move your windows partition on your mac to an external hard drive?

You can certainly move Windows to an external hard drive but Windows will not boot directly from an external drive. If you are running Windows in Parallels (See links below) you can have Parallels installed on the Mac's drive and then have your Windows virtual machine on the external drive.