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With a female bladder infection what could small stringy reddish pink chunks on the toilet paper after wiping mean?

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What should you do if you are coughing up black chunks?

If you are coughing up black chunks you have infection in your lungs. You should get this checked out immediately by a doctor.

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What does it mean if you have white chunks mixed with irregular bleeding as a vaginal discharge?

that means you might have yeast infection

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Is it normal for you to have green period blood and that you can feel the chunks coming out?

The "chunks" are likely normal; that's the mucus, tissue, etc. that you lose during a period. Green blood? Not so much. See a doctor or specialist for that. Anything green from the vagina is a bacterial infection. Do NOT wait to go to the Dr because bacteria can enter the uterus and the infection can make you permanently infertile.

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I Pulled Out Chunks Of light Green Stuff Out Of My vagina after a yeast infection Could it be backed up bacteria or something else?

If still experiencing heavy discharge after having a yeast infection, a women should see her doctor immediately for further testing.

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How do white chunks form in your tonsils?

It's likely a yeast infection. Review your diet & speak with your doctor to see if any treatment or medication is necessary. Cranberry juice can help.

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What does it mean when you discharge smelly yellow chunks?

You most likely have an infection. You should see a doctor as soon as possible, as a foul odor and discharge are generally a signs of bacterial vaginosis, which can only be treated with antibiotics.

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