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You should add a 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and water.

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Q: With a water cooled bike do I have to add water coolant and water to the radiator or just water?
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How bike engine gets cooled?

race bikes are cooled by air air circulation but in sports bike they are cooled by oil coolant

Were is radiator fill on 1980 Yamaha 850xs?

The Yamaha 850 XS is an air cooled bike. There is no radiator to fill.

Can you put water in a radiator of a cr80 dirt bike?

Yes but only distilled water, or use engine coolant as distilled water may freeze in the winter and crack you cylinder

Why not use radiator in bike?

Combustion Engines can be made either air-cooled or water-cooled. Radiators are only needed for water-cooled Engines. Small two stroke Engines are used in Bikes.On that external surface Fin type arrangement is made.This is enough to dissipate the heat from the engine as which is small

Is the 2008 Honda cbr 600 air cooled or water cooled?

Liquid cooled. The last "sport" bike to be air cooled was the WAY out of date Katana

What would happen if you put tap water into a water cooled motorbike?

if you put tap water in the bike INSTEAD of coolant, you would run the bike for a few miles, the water would turn into steam, either evaporate or boil over an not cool the bike and you would seize and destroy the engine. If you use it with coolant, like a 50/50 mix, you will probably be fine as long as you are changing your coolant each year. If you are worried about the recommended "distilled" water, do not be too worried. Just be sure that you do not have hard water or anything with softeners or things that could interfere with the cooling system. You also have to worry about the water adding to the corrosive properties of the coolant. Like I said, if you do it, 50/50 with the proper specified coolant, you will be fine as long as you are changing the coolant at the recommended intervals.

Can yz125 parts be used on a ttr125?

No way. The ttr is a 4 stroke air cooled trail bike and the yz 125 is a water cooled motcross bike. No parts that i know of will interchange. Hope this helps.

Where is Coolant drain 1986 Honda VT1100C?

The bolt to drain the coolant is on the water pump. The water pump is on the left side of the bike, just in front of the oil filter. Just remove the 10mm bolt CLOSEST TO THE OIL FILTER. You'll want to remove the radiator cap prior to doing this so the coolant drains freely. NOTE: Make sure the coolant is cold so you don't get scalded.

DOES the ltz take water or coolant?

you should use coolant, therefore your bike will run cooler, the lower the engine temperature the better

How do you check radiator level on 1981 goldwing?

remove the false fuel tank. on the right side of the bikeyou will find the radiator cap open it with engine cold. fill with a 50/50mix of silicate free anti freeze and distilled water (not tap water). Run the bike until normal operating temp and top off with coolant mix. Replace raqdiator cap once the coolant levels off.

Liquid cooled a pocket bike?

no all pocket bikes are forced air cooled

Your 86 kawasaki 454 ltd is still over heating after you changed the radiator thermostat and fan?

does the fan even turn on? my bike was over heating because i broke the fan switch on the bottom of the radiator. i ground the wire too the frame and the fan turned on and cooled the radiator down. note the fan will still run if u turn your bike off . so what i did was loosen the switch which also drains the radiator. and soldered a wire on the center pin and reinstalled it . replaced the antifreeze and now the bike runs great.

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