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It depends on who is doing the depositing/withdrawing. If the person/company owed money set up the direct payment from your payroll check, it should automatically stop when the debt has been paid. However, if you set up the direct deposit, it will continue to go through to them until you stop it by re-doing your direct deposit through your employer. Usually it's a form you fill out that lists the accounts your check goes into and the amounts - you would just submit a new one and it could take up to two (usually) pay periods to go into effect. And then the company you owed money to should cut you a check for the overage when you contact them.

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Q: With direct deposit how do you get the remaining part of your payroll check after the debt has been paid?
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How do you change your Walgreen's check to direct deposit into your bank account?

Login to the store computer and go to StoreNet. StoreNet >Tools > Direct Deposit > E-PayRoll.

How do you change sending direct deposit payroll check to a direct deposit account?

Contact human resources at your employment and request the change.

How are Lowe's associates paid by check or direct deposit?

Direct Deposit.. If they do not have your Direct Deposit set up for your first paycheck then sometimes you will get a paper check you can cash.

How do you get your payroll stub?

How do you get a direct deposit pay check stub? I do not know,I'd like to find out! please ell me how

What do you need to send the wages direct to the bank?

If it's from employment- just give payroll a voided check so they have acct/routing no. and sign authorization-they should have the form for standard direct deposit

How did people deposit a payroll check in the 1960s?

People could deposit a payroll check in the sixties. They did this by going to the bank. They would sign the back of the checks and put them into their accounts. It was similar to how it is done now.

Is direct deposit compulsory at Costco?

In my state (California) the answer is kind-of. My understanding is that Costco no longer offers a paper check for payroll, and that they do require some sort of direct deposit. However, Costco does offer a 'payroll card' that your wages can be deposited onto. You have the choice of using this card like a debit card, or going to any bank that can process a VISA withdrawl and getting all your wages as cash. So instead of cashing a check, you cash a VISA debit card. Not really any difference, except the payroll card gives anyone who might not be able to get a traditional bank account the benefits of a VISA debit card, free of charge (as long as you pay attention to the terms as far as ATMs and such go).So, the answer is that instead of a compulsory direct deposit onto a paper check, Costco has a compulsory direct deposit onto a plastic card. Not really any difference.

If your state tax return is direct deposit will tax rebate check be direct deposit too?

yes it will be direct dep. also..

Consider Receiving a Direct Deposit?

Choosing to receive a direct deposit refund can reduce the amount of time you wait for a refund. With a direct deposit refund, the government will deposit funds right into one of your accounts within a few days. If you decide to receive a check from the government, you will have to wait at least two to three weeks to receive the check. Direct deposit saves you from the hassle of having to check the mail and make sure you have received your check from the government. In addition, the odds that your check is lost in the mail are eliminated.

Can you deposit a payroll check that is older then 1 yr old?

Payroll checks typically have an expiration written on them. It usually says "Not valid after 180 days."

What is the pay calendar for June third 2014 direct deposit?

will i receive my check direct deposit on the third orthe first of june

How To Set Up A Payroll Direct Deposit?

For anybody who's ever tried to add a little simplicity to their financial lives, setting up a direct deposit of your payroll check to go straight into your bank account should be at the top of your list. Virtually all companies offer it and it saves you the hassle of having to cash a check every couple of weeks. So how do you set it up? It's actually pretty simple and shouldn't involve more than one sheet of paper in order for it to be accomplished. But there are two ways to get it done. First, you can work through your employer. Most companies offer it already as a service to its employees. Simply ask your Human Resources department for a payroll direct deposit form. On it, you'll provide all of your bank information – name(s) on the account, account number and bank routing number – along with how much of your paycheck you wish to be deposited. Additionally, the employer may ask you to include a voided check in order to verify. Once you get that all squared away, return it to your payroll department and they will get the direct deposit set up for you. Your other option is that you can work through the bank that will receive your direct deposit. This will work substantially the same as working through your employer. You'll just need to request a direct deposit form from the bank and fill out most of the same information. Then the bank can set up the direct deposit. Keep in mind that who you set up the direct deposit with is who you'll need to go through to make any changes. For this reason, it's probably easier to set up your direct deposit through your employer. For pure simplicity's sake, signing up for direct deposit is a no-brainer. It's a money saver for both you and your employer and it'll make one less thing you'll have to worry about.

What are the advantages of direct deposit?

The advantages of direct deposit are that you don't have to physically go to the bank to deposit your check. Rather, it just appears in your account. There is no physical paper trail either.

Is it possible to deposit the SSS check to my BPI account wherein it should be in PNB bank?

You can deposit a SS check in any back account that has your name on it. This only applies if it is a check not already direct deposit.

Can your boss go into your checking account and check it out if you have direct deposit?


Where can one find information on how to direct deposit a pay check?

To find information on how to direct deposit a pay check you should visit your bank's local branch. You can also visit their online banking website for instructions.

What time direct deposit checkin the bank wells fargo?

A direct deposit can take anywhere for a day to 3 days. This all depends on the back and what amount the check is.

Can you deposit your husband check into your account without his signature?

Call you banks customers service and see. My bank allows my wife to deposit my payroll checks without my signature into our account.

If your social security check is direct deposit will your tax rebate check be too?

probably yes

What is the difference between direct and indirect payroll?

Indirect payroll is when an out side company issues a check and book keeping ...Direct payroll is when the company you work for prints it's checks and does internal book keeping ...

Are there pre paid credit cards that offer direct deposit?

There are some companies that offer a pay check onto a prepaid credit card as form of payment, alternative to direct deposit. You can load some cards online with cash wich is almost like direct deposit.

What are negotiated checks?

When your your check says negotiated it usually means direct deposit.

Do NFL players get paid after they play the game by check or is it direct deposit?


When will the tax rebate come if your social security number ends with 69?

the economic stimulous checks are mailed out (or direct deposited) according to when you filed your 2007 income tax statement. If your refund was direct deposit to your bank account - you will be among the first to receive a check. if you filed late, and requested a regular check (instead of direct deposit) you will get your check last.

What do you if you first check fall on the third and the next check falls on the third whithch is a holiday would you get it in the prior month?

If you are referring to a direct deposit, such as of government benefits, you will usually receive your direct deposit on the last business day prior to the holiday. For example, if you receive your direct deposit on the 3rd of the month but the 3rd of the month happens to fall on a holiday, your direct deposit would typically be available on the 2nd of the month instead. However, if the 3rd of the month was a holiday and a Monday, you would typically receive it on the previous Friday. If you are referring to a paper check, you should inquire with the issuer of the check as to when you should expect to receive it.