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With dual medical coverage are there any out of the pocket expenses for the patient such as copays?


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Maybe, you would have to check the benefits on both policies. for more info see


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Aetna Health Insurance offers the benefits of medical health insurance for coverage of almost every medical condition. It also offers discount prescriptions and low copays depending on your plan.

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Consumers can find various types of coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield. They offer standard and basic packages that deliver different copays and monthly fees.

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You adjusted gross income is figured the same way no matter what. When filing Schedule A of your return you will deduct either 7.5% or 10% of your adjusted gross income from your medical expenses depending on your age. You also have to deduct anything paid by your insurance. This only leaves the amount you paid out of pocket for deductibles, copays, and your percentage you actually paid after your deductible.

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Summary of Benefits and Coverage, copays, deductibles, and interest rates should be compared when considering an insurance company.

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Many of us do, but it depends on your health insurance contract, not on state law.

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