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It may be possible that your astigmatism is not very severe, so that you are unconsciously compensating for it, with eyestrain and headache as a result. Sounds like something worth following up on, since you may need just a pair of glasses rather than something invasive or pharmaceutical. Here's an article on it: Also, "blurry" is a very subjective evaluation for people to make. Some people think they see just fine when they have 20/80 vision and really should be wearing glasses all the time. Other people with a very slight eyeglass prescription think they see horrible and are surprised when the eye doctor doesn't prescribe glasses for them.


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Others have blurry near vision and clear distance vision, and those with the most severe cases have blurry near and distance vision. Headaches and eyestrain may also occur.

Im no doctor, but I had severe headaches for about a month straight, I finally went to the Ear,Nose and Throat doctor due to some congestion as well, and turns out I have severe sinusitis. He prescribed Allegra D and levaquin, I havent had a headache like that since!

If your headaches are severe, and Tylenol and asperine do not give you any relief, you may need an eye exam, however,d a doctor will properly diagnose you.

Hello. This could be pregnancy related yes. It does sound like your having pregnancy symptoms, however blurry vision isn't a pregnancy symptom. See your doctor for a blood test. Hi- Just adding--Vision problems can be a sign of a couple things and some of them can occur during pregnancy like high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause severe headaches and vision problems if it gets high enough. I had blood pressure problems late in my first pregnancy and started having severe headaches that lasted all day. They felt similar to a stress or tension headache. My doctor told me other symptoms that I needed to watch for and vision problems (like blurry vision or seeing spots) was one of them. Hope this helps.

asprin It depends on what is causing the headaches (I'm focusing on the "severe" part). If it's stress, relaxation techniques should help, maybe some muscle relaxants which you need to get from your doctor. If it's a migrane, you may need something a little more powerful and for that you'll also need to see a doctor.

Astigmatism is blurred vision caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Astigmatism is when the cornea of the eye is shaped like a rugby ball rather than being spherical. It causes the eye to have two focal points rather than one and can lead to strain and headaches if uncorrected. Astigmatism is the 'Cylinder' value in a prescription. Around 70% of people who wear spectacles have astigmatism. It can also be corrected with toric contact lenses and laser eye surgery. People with severe astigmatism may experience double vision if it not corrected. Astigmatism can indeed worsen with time, as the eye grows and changes. There is nothing you can do to prevent this change and it will only require a change to the prescription in your glasses in order to correct your vision. It is also possible for the astigmatism to go away. It's when the eyeball is not perfectly round.

Not sure headaches relate to the heaviness, but periods very commonly cause severe headaches.

Blindness, bone deformity. endless severe headaches,

Yes, codeine can cause headache, especially in those who get Migraines. See your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of any new or severe headache.

Yes, severe headaches are a common cause for people to stop taking melatonin supplements.

We cannot diagnose medical symptoms. You should see a doctor immediately. These can be symptoms of serious, even life-threatening, physical disorders.

please go see a doctor ..this is not something to play with ,,,my sister got diagnosed 4days ago with aneurysm on her brain also suffer a severe stroke been having headaches and started bleeding. when she got to the hospital they took her straight to surgery she doesnt remember anyone....

Spinal stenosis can soemtimes cause or trigger severe headaches. Seek the help of a headache specialist for best results treating this type of headache disorder.

Yes you could get severe headache and running nose post cauterized.

Severe pain, high fever, headaches....

Yes, these can happen from stress.

I hope you have shown her to a doctor. While any fever can cause headache and vomiting the combination of fever, severe headache and vomiting should be taken seriously.

can severe headaches cause high white blood cell count

Yes they can.Blurred vision is a symptom of migraine. Migraine is not exactly a headache, but severe pain in the head is what happens during a migraine attack. The suffer may also see haziness or distortions during the early phases of migraine.But people can get blurred vision during true headaches as well, such as a cluster headache or a headache from tension and tiredness.

Most certainly a headache is one symtom of shingles. If you don't have shingles you may be suffering from Cluster Headaches or Migraines. Please see your doctor.

You can stop a headache by taking some kind of pain relief. You can also lay down and see if that will help. A doctor can prescribe headache relief for patients that get severe headaches.

Typhus can get as severe as excruciating headaches, high fever, muscle aches, it is extracted from a flea or tick or lice.

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