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Q: With the Keurig coffeemaker how can one size cartridge work with different size cups of water?
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Do you need to use the Keurig water filters in your Keurig coffee maker if your water is already filtered?

No. The Keurig water filter is not necessary. It is merely an option for the Keurig. I use unfiltered tap water in my Keurig without a Keurig filter all of the time.

What is the difference in a high altitude coffeemaker versus regular coffeemaker?

The thermostat. Water boils at a lower temperature at high altitude.

What can the Keurig Platinum Brewing System do that the Keurig Mini Brewing System cannot besides store water?

When using the Keurig Platinum Brewing System you will experience a quicker water boiling time, as with the Keurig Mini Brewing System it takes a little longer to get the water boiling.

What is the best way to clean the hot plate on a coffeemaker?

with hot water

Can you use milk instead of water in your Keurig to make hot coco?

it is not recommended. It is better to make coco with just little water using Keurig, and then add milk into the mug.

How does using very cold water in coffeemaker make the coffee taste better?


Do any Keurig coffee machines have a water reservoir?

Yes there are models of the Keurig coffee machine available that have their own water reservoir. They include a tank on the side of the machine that holds approximately 1.5 liters of water.

How do you de-scale the Keurig?

Use vinegar in the water and brew a cup.

How do you fix your Keurig if the water stops coming out?

Use a toothpick or some other small device to clean out the top puncture needle on your Keurig. Then run one cycle with no coffee just water, and it should work again.

Are the plastic game cartridge cases water resistant?

Yes, the game cartridge cases are water resistant, but it is not advisable to submerge them underwater.

How and where can you find a filter for the Keurig coffee maker?

Shopping online, the options are infinite. But if you like to shop at a brick and mortar, Kohl's consistantly has a good selection of Keurig products, including the water filter.

Dirty water coming your of return when vacuuming with a cartridge filter?

Cartridge is not installed correctly or you have a crack in the manifold allowing dirty water to pass by the filter.

How do you maintain a coffeemaker?

To thoroughly clean inside put vinegar in the place for the water and turn it on like your making a pot of coffee. repeat if necessary

the water filter cartridge is broke off in the water filter housing. how can I get the broken part o?

the water filter cartridge is broke off in the water filter housing. how can I get the broken part out. Kenmore 106.52582202 sise by side.

Do you have to use filtered or distilled water in a Keurig coffee maker?

Mine is about three years old and I've always only used tap water in mine.

Is it safe to serve coffee from a plastic coffeemaker?

Yes, plastic coffee makers are safe as the plastics employed are designed to withstand the heat of boiling water.

How do you unclog old ink cartridge?

soak the cartridge in boiling water for about 15 min dry off and insert back in the printer and start the cleaning process on the printer while the cartridge is still hot

How often should a water filter cartridge be changed?

It is difficult to provide a definitive answer as to how often one should change a water filter cartridge. This would depend on the water quality as well as water usage, but the average is usually every 2 to 4 months.

Can you store cleaned cartridge filters out of water?

Yes, that's the way you buy them.

How do you filter out magnesium from water?

You would need a water softener or if your using cartridges then you would use a DI or a water softening cartridge.

How do you get to the washer of a Moen kitchen two-handle faucet?

Shut the water supplies off, take the handle off, unscrew the cartridge. The washer will be on the bottom of the stem of the cartridge

How does a cartridge pool filter work?

A cartridge pool filter works by collecting the particles filtering through the pool. It allows water to pass through, but not solid objects.

How do you stop a Nibco Valve 46-5549 from dripping water in shower?

You have to replace the cartridge

How often replace GE smart water filter cartridge?

every 6 months

No hot water in bathtub?

Obstruction in the hot water supply line, bad valve, or broken water line. Drain system and remove valve cartridge, open hot supply to blow out line and see if water comes out. If it does than you have a bad cartridge, if not broken line that needs to be repaired.