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With what other animals do donkeys mate?

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With mules or other donkeys.

A donkey can mate with a pony and you get a podonk.

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Do donkeys mate for life?

Donkeys are very social animals and can develop very strong emotional attachments with other animals including other donkeys. In the wild, male donkeys frequently live on their own and defend a territory so that they will have breeding rights to as many females as possible.

What two animals mate to produce donkeys?

a horse and a mule

Can zebras mate with donkeys?

Yes, zebras and donkeys can mate and have offspring.

Can humans mate with donkeys?

No, and anyone who wants to know that is a freak.It is illegal to have sex with animals.

HOW do zebras mate with donkeys?

they don't mate

At what age do donkeys mate?

donkeys mate on the day they die because then they dont relize about families xxxexxx

Can pigs mate with other animals?

no but you can mate with them

With whom do mules mate?

Mules (a cross-breed between a male donkey and a female horse) are usually bred (humans assist them in mating) with other mules. If left with other horses or donkeys, mules are also known to mate with stallions (both male horses and donkeys; male donkeys are commonly called "jacks") and mares (both female horses and donkeys; female donkeys are commonly called "jennies").

Do dolphins mate with other animals?

they do mate with other species of dolphins rarely

Can animals mate with other animals of the same species again and again?

Yes but they can also mate with other species as well.

Can donkeys mate with horses?

Yes. When they mate, they produce either a mule or a hinny.

Do owls mate with other animals?

NO! owls mate owls & dogs mate dogs!

Do giraffes mate with other animals?


Do whales mate with other whales or other animals?

whales mate with other whales of the same species.

What months do elephants have to mate?

Elephants have to mate with donkeys. In August. It's science, dude.

Can male and female donkeys mate together?


How often do donkeys mate?

I was told by the people that I bought my miniature donkeys from that it is every 30 days. I would have to agree with them.

What can rabbits do that other animals can't do?

Mate with other rabbits

Who makes cows eat donkeys?

Nobody. Cows don't eat donkeys. Cows are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants, not other animals.

Who are monsoon animals?


Which animals are used for riding?

Horses, camels (in Egypt and some other places), and donkeys.

Can zebras breed with other animals?

Zebras can breed with horses and donkeys with some success.

Why is a mule created?

When Donkeys and Horses mate they reproduce a mule.

Can mice mate with other animals?

only if the "other animal" is tiny just like it and wants to also mate with them.

Do you keep male donkeys separate from pregnant donkeys?

You should, to ensure that the male (if he is intact) will not try to mate with the Jenny. Some donkeys and horses are aggressive to the females while mating.