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Q: Wolverine and the x men cyclops code?
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Did cyclops appear in X-Men Origins Wolverine?


Who was the main character in X-men?

The main team of x-men almost always has cyclops, wolverine and storm. However, if there was a single main character it would be cyclops and then wolverine as mascot.

Who were the first members of the x men?

wolverine, Phoenix, Storm and Cyclops

Is there a main charecter in x men?

The main character is Cyclops but Wolverine is the mascot. However, Wolverine is the main character in the x-men movies.

What is Wolverine's code for wolverine and the X-men adventure factory?


Will there be a X men origins Cyclops?

No, because xmen origin wolverine was bascelly xmen origins cyclops because he was in it and they just mayd wolverine because everyone wondere what happend

On wolverine and the x-men mrd escape on level 4 what is the password to get cyclops out?

Find it out yourself.

How many films has Cyclops in the X-Men featured in?

he appeared in all 3 x-men movies, and we will see a younger version of him in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

Kitty 's code for wolverine and the X-men?

It hasn't come out yet but be sure to watch Wolverine and the X-Men to see when it does! "Quickwit"

Is there a X-Men Origins Cyclops DVD?

No. There is not. There is only one X-men Origins movie, for Wolverine. There were talks of others, but nothing ever came of it.

What glasses did cyclops wear in X-Men Origins Wolverine?

Not sure about the brand, but the style of the glasses are Aviator style.

How can you be a x men?

you need to be a mutant like Wolverine, storm, Cyclops, ice man, gene, magneto and kitty

What is Kitty's code for Wolverine and the X men lock and coded?


Kitty cheat code for wolverine and the x-men factory adventure?

what is it

What is the code for Emma frost in Wolverine and The X men Adventure Factory code?

its revelation

What is the code in X men wolverine mrd escape level 9?

The code is 299.

Which X men professor appears in the comics series X-Men?

Many members of the X-men are teachers, including Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Beast, Wolverine, Angel, Professor X and Cyclops.

What are the names of the x men?

wolverine,beast,jean grey,cyclops,rogue,nightcrawler,iceman,professor xavier and more

When did cyclops from x men lost one eye?

Age of Apocolypse. Wolverine stabbed him in the eye thus losing an arm

Where do you put the code to unlock chracters for wolverine and the X-men locked and coded?

on unlock your code

What is emma's code for Wolverine and the X men locked and coded?

Emma frost's code is: Revelation

What is the code for wolverine and the x men in level 8?

the first code is 7511 and the second is 1157

What is the code in X men wolverine mrd escape level 7?


What is the meaning of the name of the movie 'X-Men Origins Wolverine'?

X-Men Origins-Wolverine. The origins of Wolverine

What episode in wolverine and the X-Men is Gambit in?

Gambit is in the X-men origins Wolverine