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Women in the Revolutionary War?

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September 13, 2011 6:36PM

Deborah Sampson was a women duisguissed as a man and joined the army using the name Robert shurtliffe. Later in a war against some tories* she was shot in the leg she begged to be left there so her true identity wouldn't show, they would not leave her there and took her to the hospital. Later her doctor dr.Binney took off her shirt so he could examine her more closely, then Dr. Binney knew that the young man now as Robert Shurtliffe was really a women. but he kept it a secret he led her to his family and introduced her as Robert shurtliffe later, he wrote a note to the general incharge saying that Robert shurtliffe was actually a women Deberah was so scared of for the punishment for impersonating a soldier. the general was so shocked Deborah told him to get the best dress he could find she put the dress on and instead of any punishment she got a honoral dismiss from the army