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eight, fight, height, light, might, night, right, sight, weight, bright, plight, flight, delight, knight, blight

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Q: Words ending in ight
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Related questions

Does flight have a long I sound?

Yes, The word has a long I (flyt), as do other words ending in -ight.

What rhymes with ight?

light, might , sight , fight , bite, tight, really anything with an ight sound ending

What words spelled with igh have a long I sound?

In addition to the words ending in -ight that have a long I (fight, right, sight), there are the words high, nigh, sigh, and thigh.

What words have a long i sound spelled with a igh?

In addition to the words ending in -ight that have a long I (fight, right, sight), there are the words high, nigh, sigh, and thigh.

Words that end with ight?

bright daylighttonightdelightlightsightbrightrightsprightlyknightstraightweighteightmight

What are some words ending in ight?

Light, bright, flight, delight, sight, might, knight, fight, night, blight and height are some which I can think of.

Does might have a long I sound?

Yes, as do other words spelled with -IGHT (long I, silent GH). (The exceptions are -IGHT words spelled with EI, which sounds like a long A.)

What does ight Mean on kik?

Ight means alright in text slang.

What song is this ight ight ight ight lets go if you want it you can get it let me know?

lets go by trick daddy and lil john

Doing something right 2 times hink pink ending in igh or ight?

twice nice, twice precise

What words have a long I sound spelled with an I?

The words that have only an I include GH words (high, sigh, and thigh) and GN words (align, sign). Words ending in -IGHT have a long I sound : bright, fight, fright, light, might, right, sight, tight. There are many words that have an I and a silent E, such as bite, ride, and nine.

What rhymes with fluorite?

Right, night, tight, write, mite, might... Really anything with the ending -ight or similar sounding endings

What does Ight?


What does Ight mean in a text message?

Alright, I would assume.

What is What is keira knightley height and weight?

45kg - herwe ight, it is to low for her l on g he ight

Words ending in q?

Words ending in taq

What Words ending with -ain?

words ending with -ain:braindrainrefraingrainchaplainexplaincontainfountainmaintainmountaincomplaindisdainretaindetainbargainsustainmainpainrainslaingainstraintrainchainattainplainremainobtainpertain

Is bright a long I word?

Yes. It has the long I (bryt) like other -IGHT words, fight, light, and right.

What is the rule for words ending in er or or?

is there a rule for words ending in or ( as in professor) or words ending in er (as in commander)? Thank you!

What are words ending with the suffix tious?

Words ending in tious:ambitiouscontentiousfacetiousfactiousfictitiousflirtatiousfractiouspretentiousscrumptioussuperstitious

Words ending in sh?

words that ending in sh

What are words ending with z?

there is words ending in z buzz

Words with ight in them?

Light knight night right might sight tight fight bright alright and there is loads more

What words rhyme with slight But dont end in ight?

Kite Bite Byte Mite Write Site Quite White

Words ending in ing?

Some words ending with 'ing' are:adoringburningcaringdrivingearningendingfacingfleeinggrindinghidinginchingjumpingkickinglearninglovingmentioningnestingopeningpraisingpeelingquiltingracingseeingsteamingtouringusingvaultingwatchingexaminingyawningzoning