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Words that have a omni prefix?

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omnipotent: able to do everything

omniscient: knowing or seeming to know everything

omnivore: an animal that eats both plants and other animals

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What word start with the prefix omni?

The prefix Omni means all or every. Some words with this prefix are omnipotent, omniscious, omnivorous, etc.

What are some words with the prefix omni in it?


What are two words with the prefix omni?


What is the prefix for entire?

omni omni

What are some words that begin with the prefix omni?


What are words starting with the prefix omni?

Omnibus, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniverous, omnisexual

What is the prefix of present?

omni =A+

What is the prefix of all?

The prefix for "all" is the Latin "omni".

What the prefix of all or everywhere?

The prefix of all or everywhere is Omni. Omni is a Latin word and it is a combining form of the word all.

What do all the omni words mean?

The prefix "omni-" is from Latin omnis, "all". So, for example, "omnipotent" is "all-powerful"; "omniscient" is "all-knowing", etc.

Is there another omni- that goes with omnipresence omnipotence and omniscience?

There are many words that begin with the prefix "omni." In addition to the ones you mentioned there are "omnidirectional," "omnivore, and "omnisexual."

What is prefix denoting all?


What is the prefix of potent?

omni im

What is the prefix meaning all?


What is the prefix meaning everywhere?


What is the prefix for the word all?


Prefix means every .what is it?


What is a Prefix denoting all?

The prefix meaning all is omni- as in omnipotent and omnidirectional.

Which prefix when added to the root word present will match the definition present everywhere?

The prefix would be Omni-. The prefix Omni- means all, with its roots in Latin, as the combining form of the word Omnis.

What is the meaning of the prefix pan?

The prefix pan- comes from Greek and means "all." It is similar to the prefix omni- only omni- comes from Latin. You can find this on

What prefix denotes all?

the answer is omni..hope it helps!

What Latin root means all?

The prefix omni-

What prefix can be added to the word bus?

Mini Omni

What does the root omni mean?

"Omni" is a prefix meaning all, everything. Eg: Omnivorous = capable of eating every category of foods.

What are the omni words?

words about god