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the tensioner pulley is best reached from under the cars front end passenger side. This is a two man or excuse me woman job. The tensioner is spring loaded and a long handled tool works best, I believe I used a 13 mm

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Every generator is alternator and every alternator is not generator?

Nope, you are confused. Click the link.

How to stop 98 Tahoe Serpentine Belt from squealing?

First, check that everything is turning properly. If you have a water pump, alternator, idler pulley... whatever, that's not turning freely, it should be repaired or replaced. Next, check the tensioner. One of the idler pulleys will be "spring loaded", meaning that it will hold tension against the belt. If the tensioner spring goes soft you'll need to replace it. Push on a tight section of the belt. It should be quite firm and difficult to deflect. Replacing a tensioner isn't that difficult, just pay attention to the belt routing BEFORE you take it apart. It's easy to get confused later.

How do you remove the alternator on a 1990 Chrysler new yorker?

Ok I just did this about 2 minutes ago, I had this open cause I was confused on how to do it too. First disconnect the battery, then take the top bolt off the alternator. Slip off the serpentine belt, you may need to use the tensioner pulley to do this. Disconnect the numerous small electrical wires going to the alternator and remember where they go. The bottom bolt is tough, but back it out as much as you can.The bottom bolt hits on a black bracket just behind it, so just loosen the black bracket. The bracket is connected with two bolts, I took off the bolt from the bracket right by where the alternator bolt hits and loosened the other one just enough to get it to move some, the bottom alternator bolt slides right out. Then just switch it out and reconnect everything else how it was. Make sure you tighten up the black bracket too. Then the hard part is getting the serpentine belt back on, not sure about anyone else but that is possibly the most dreaded task for my Chrysler. Even having just replaced the tensioner pulley it takes hours and is quite draining.

How do you change fan belt on 1981 Mercedes Benz 240d?

If this is the serpentine belt(?)...I THINK it can be easiestly changed by simply 'turning the belt into a figure-8 'prior' to placing over the fan then either stretch over the 'loosened' alternator or fan tensioner...then retighten the loosened part...the figure-8 is 'the trick' to putting on the serpentine belt without removal of the fan or any further dismantling of parts...good luck... Note: the 'fan belt diagram' should be 'a sticker or metal stamped image' located at the lower- front of the hood in the engine compartment, in case you get confused while the 'old belt is off...

How do you put on a belt tensioner for a 1992 73 diesel powerstroke engion?

I'm confused. I can tell you how to change the tensioner on a 7.3L Powerstroke. The problem is Ford did not make a Powerstroke until 1994. Is your truck a 1992? What is the 8th digit in your VIN Number? If it's an F you have a Powerstroke. Let me know so I can help you with your question.

Is an idler pulley the same as a tension pulley?

pretty much-the 2 get confused all the time. Technically a tensioner is an assembly with a spring and an idler is a fixed pulley-most newer cars have both.

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How do you replace the alternator on a 1997 Saturn SC2?

Loosen the lugs slightly on the front passenger side of the car. raise the front passenger side of the car and remove the wheel. At the back of the wheel well are two pieces of plastic shrouding. They are held by one or two plastic pins. Using a screwdriver, pry out the center of the plastic pin, it should come all the way out. Then you can pry the outer sheath of the pin out of it's hole. The plastic shrouding can now be pulled out. Don't worry, there is not much to be damaged at this point. Now, make sure your car is stable. Scissor jacks do not mean stable. I admit I did it with a scissor jack, but I would recommend a good jack and a jack stand because you are gonna spend a bit of time under the brake rotor and if the car falls, you're most likely dead. Once the shrouding is removed you should be able to look up in there and see the alternator and the tensioner pulley. If you are confused as to which is which, there should be a diagram at the front of the engine compartment in front of the radiator that shows all of the pulleys and the routing of the serpentine belt. Now you need to remove the serpentine belt. Get a 14mm box end wrench and put it over the bolt on the tensioner pulley, the small pulley without tracks that is Slightly closer to the front of the car than the alternator. Tighten this bolt. This may seem counterintuitive if you have never done this before. But trust me. Rotate the bolt clockwise. This will release tension on the serpentine belt so you can pull the belt off of the alternator. After removing the belt, find two 13mm wrenches or ratchet attachments and remove the nut and bolt that hold the bottom of the alternator. Then remove the bolt at the top of the alternator. 13 or 14mm, I can't remember. Make sure you get the right one, it is just to the left of another more visible bolt that fastens the accessory above the alternator (can't remember what it is). After that bolt is removed you should be able to get back under the car and slide the alternator out of it's holding position. Now disconnect the alternator wires. This can be kinda trick as they are difficult to reach, and the main plug has a plastic latch holding it in place. Use an 8mm on the bolt holding the other wire. Now slide the alternator out through the wheel well. You may have to rotate it a bit to get it to come out of that hole. You're done. Go have kragen or some auto shop test it to make sure it's bad, and when you buy a new one, make them test that one too. It will save you so much time trying to figure out why your car is still not working right. Reverse the procedure to put the new one back in.

How do you remove a serpentine belt?

There in no best way, there is only one way. Pull or pry the idler tensioner pulley back and remove the belt. Reverse the procedure and install it. On some pulleys there is a place to use a ratchet to pry the pulley back. Pay close attention to the routing of the belt. A drawing or digital photo will help you to not get confused as to the routing. Most are controlled by a tensioner arm that is a pully on a spring loaded arm. Most can be turned at the mounting point with a 1/2 inch ratchet. Turn the ratchet like you were trying to loosen a bolt. It's best to have someone hold the ratchet while you pull the belt off one of the pulleys.

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